Author ID Checks

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the experience for Envato customers and authors alike, we’ll soon be introducing an identity verification check for new audio authors.

Why are we doing this?

We have listened to the feedback from the community and agree that verifying the identity of our author accounts is critically important to maintaining trust and is key to the ongoing success of authors, customers and our community alike.

We are therefore happy to announce that we are introducing our new Author ID verification process, backed by one of the world’s leading end to end ID verification solutions, Jumio.

The identity verification process will commence with new AudioJungle authors who will be asked to verify their identity when they submit their first audio item for review.

Author ID checks will help to protect both authors and customers. Customers can have more confidence when purchasing items, and authors can benefit from knowing that they’re working in a more trustworthy marketplace - this levels the playing field for all authors in the community.


Finally! Great!


Better late than never :wink: Great decision!


Yaaapp! Amazing, thanks.

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At least… Why not for old authors?


finaly good news :slight_smile:

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New Badge for us too ?

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Thank you.

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Great news!!!

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That’s awesome news.
You could also check ID’s of existing authors, I’m sure you will found A LOT of fraudulent activity going on already. :wink:


Great, thanks! Existing authors also need to check the ID, to quickly identify “self-service in the purchase of items.”


Is this applies to AudioJungle authors only ?

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And what’s the point? Firstly - there will be nothing for authors with dozens of accounts - you are talking about new authors. Secondly - not a word that this will not allow [new] authors to continue to produce accounts by uploading the same tracks to them under the same ID! Of course it can normally spoil the life of people who bying their own tracks. On the other hand - no one bothers in Google to find and fill in Envato someone else’s passport / driver license. If you had introduced mandatory identification FOR EVERYONE, then we could hope for some kind of changes. Otherwise - there is no any sense.

If you want to integrate this feature only to increase trust between the author and the buyer - it’s pointless. As practice shows - for buyers it doesn’t matter from who they buy the track. But if you want to let authors have a limited number of accounts - is a good point to start.

And one more thing: in my own opinion, we need to prohibit authors from opening more than 2 accounts (1 exclusive, 1 non-exclusive) - then entering identification makes some sense in protecting market to become a dump.


Great to see! This won’t be a problem to verify ID for real author, become harder to make an account for pirate.


Just to be clear, this was a request made by authors since forever. The implementation of it goes to show Envato is searching for ways to implement this. I would be patient in seeing where this goes.

Based purely on my logic, and don’t take my word as a moderator or Envato representative, but purely as an author, I believe this is the first step in something bigger. But as with every change that is of large scale, especially one that has a legal side to it, there must be a period of trials, new terms, etc before applying it largely!

As I said this is my opinion as an author, but I am sure this will have a great future! :grin:


Hi everyone, thanks for the responses and support so far on our author identity verification initiative. We have started with a small subset of our authors to ensure we have a process that is easy to complete and works for our authors around the world. Our intent is to broaden the scope over time to include all new and existing authors.


Great news guys, keep on listening to our ideas. We need to make this place better for all involved parties - customers, Envato, authors.


I’ve mentioned this on numerous occasions and will gladly mention it here, but please don’t hijack the thread and keep it on subject.

Staff area always listening to feedback, but when threads get hijacked and everyone starts flaming, noone wants to sort through hundreds of flaming messages to find 1 useful feedback message. This is why we ALWAYS strongly recommend to keep threads on point and keep your feedback related to the discussed topic with a professional attitude!

Let’s get back on track! Cheers guys!