Requesting checkmark/verified icon after Author Id Verification

As we authors are now getting email to verify our identification as a part of Author ID Check. It will be useful if we get a checkmark icon beside our profile as we see in different social media. It can increase reliability to our clients.

@steve_lam please take a note of that and see if it is possible to implement.



As far as I understand, in the end, every author will have such a checkmark. In the next step, the author will not be able to sell products without verification.

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Good idea, this will probably increase customer trust, because of this new badge.

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Providing tax information and a government issued ID is one thing and facial verification is another.

So, can anyone please confirm this is a mandatory process. And will account be terminated or something if not verified?

So it is written in the rules:

Unfortunately, if you do not wish to complete an ID check, or are not able to be successfully verified, you will not be able to continue earning as an Author on our platform.

More details you can find here Author ID Checks – Envato Author Help Center

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Sounds great

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I believe they will require these verifications to all market channel soon, so in the end all of the author will be verified and having this badge will be useless.