Author ID checks: Important information

i did not understand.How its works?Any idea?

"Author ID checks: Important information

Hi 3DAnimals,

You may be aware that we introduced Author ID checks early last year (you can find the forum post here). We introduced these checks to help ensure the trustworthiness of our marketplace for all participants.

We started with our new authors and are currently extending the process to our existing Elements authors.

You will receive an email notification when your ID check is available to complete. If you have more than one account, you will need to complete an ID check for each account.

In the meantime, we have included some important information below:

  • The ID check needs to be completed by the account holder, that is the person listed on the account (even if you are a company). This name must match the name on your photo ID.
  • The ID check consists of 2 steps: a document verification and a live selfie.
  • The ID check notification will be sent to the email address on your Envato account, however, you can also go directly to to complete your ID check (once it is available).

To complete the check you will need:

  1. Your government-issued Photo ID (your Photo ID must have the same name as your Envato account and the tax forms you have provided).
  2. The ability to take a selfie on the computer or device you are using to complete the Author ID check."

It’s looks like it’s very well explained, step by step in the message you received. What is it you don’t understand or need clarifications on?

i have already sign to Envato, come this screen
“You have no Author ID checks.”
Where i will upload Photo ID and selfie?No button here. :slight_smile:

Here you go…