About Envato Verification

Hello Everyone
Can someone help me about verification ?

Hi. If you mean Author ID Check you can find all the info you need here:

Basically ID Check is this:
“An Author ID check confirms the identities of our authors, requiring photo ID documents and a photo (selfie) of the account owner. This provides a trusted environment for our customers and authors to conduct business, and maintain the success of our community.”
And you can do the whole process with your smartphone, I did it this way, it’s really easy.
Hope this helps :+1:


Hi thanks for answer but i already ready it, i cant ID Check, how is available to complete verification ?

ხუთ, 6 იან. 2022, 01:02-ში GoForMotion via Envato Forums-მა <envato@discoursemail.com> დაწერა:

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Hi @Berooo777,

Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


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