Is Envato Author ID check mandatory process?

I read that Envato Author ID check has begun last year and I received the email a couple of days back. I tried to know more about why this they rolled out this process and all I could get is -

verifying the identity of our author accounts is critically important to maintaining trust and is key to the ongoing success of authors, customers and our community alike.

I just want to know if this process is mandatory? Will account be terminated if I don’t complete the author ID check?

Thank you.

So it is written in the rules:

Unfortunately, if you do not wish to complete an ID check, or are not able to be successfully verified, you will not be able to continue earning as an Author on our platform.

More details you can find here Author ID Checks – Envato Author Help Center

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Yo, thanks I missed the last part earlier.

Frankly I wouldn’t participate in such a high risk data identifation scheme, particularly via some shonky US Id company.
I’d leave Envato, if Optus and Medibank can be hacked you can be sure Envato systems are nowhere as robust. Too risky.