Author ID Checks

This is truly great news! And it has a great potential in the future too!
There were great community suggestions on how to make Envato a better place for all of us, so I’m happy that the rist one has been given the green light!
:raised_hands: :beers: :raised_hands:
Stay healthy, stay isolated for a few more weeks, mates!


Excellent! Thanks ! This should have been done a couple of years ago (or even more), it’s good that you have it in your plans now! I’m sure this is great news for all honest and hardworking authors!


Great to see! This won’t be a problem to verify ID for real author, become harder to make an account for pirate.

Well done, i suggest the same for all markets.

Nice, thank you for doing this Steve! And everbody else involved of course thank you too!

What will still keep our attention is all the black sheep who are already in the system. There has been a lot of cases where somebody got busted selling pirated tracks (even by big name composers and publishers) and didn’t got blocked, just the items removed. I hope Envato bans those as quick as possible.


What about GDPR thing? How can i be sure that my personal details are safe and secured?
And what about buyers? To fight against sale reversal trend.

From the second you type your name on a computer, you can no longer guarantee absolutely, positively, 100% it is safe and secure. This is the digital age, but Envato will rely on a very, very well known company that pride themselves with great security and no previous leaks, so I’m personally very happy with sharing my information if needed.

In regards to reversal, this will always exist and the fight will always go on. Absolutely every service from Apple to Audi to Envato is and will be plagued with sale reversals, but, these are also on a decline to the ever-increasing security measures added in place to stop false sales from happening to begin with!

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

This is great news, and thanks for listening to us authors!

This won’t be a problem to verify ID for real author, become harder to make an account for pirate.

Unfortunately, this check is too late for me. I was deceived in an author who didn’t update anything after 2 years. I can soon throw both websites away because PHP no longer works and more and more errors appear.
The theme (actually very nice) is still for sale here.

You should report this to Envato Market Help and Support. The review team will be alerted and will be able to verify it. If it no longer abides to current necessary web standards it will be disabled. Also, if the item is buggy, you are entitled to a refund. ID Checks really have nothing to do with these things. Refund policy and quality checks have always existed and can always be reported to Envato.

Thank you so much, I will do that.

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No worries! Always glad to help, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with support whenever you feel something is off with a purchase you’ve made. Envato Support has a dedicated team exclusively for Buyers!

Pretty good idea, better late than never


and author ID for every account is a must.

I would even check all those accounts are changing the name author and address right now. When this was announced.

And all those authors with multiple doing the same.

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