Author Fees & Earnings?

Hi, Just curious to know how the following is worked out…

I’ve an item listed on VideoHive for $19 and when I look at the earnings/statement from this it shows the following breakdown;
Total on Invoice; $15.20
and then there’s an Author Fee as a separate transaction for $5.70

Does that mean Envato takes a percentage off the $19 for the inital sale and then a further $5.70 as an author fee?

I’m a bit confused?

Everyone’s confused. All you need to know is that you get 50% of the total price. If you’re on an exclusive account and you’ve sold less than $3,750. You get an extra 1% for every $3,750 you sell up to 70%. If you’re on a non-exclusive account then you get 36% no matter what.

Although if you have to know, they take a buyer fee from the item price which is some mystical amount and then you get what;s left which is then subject to some mystical author’s fee. So rather than 2 plus 2 equalling 4… it’s now 2 minus 5, plus 10, divided by 2, multiply by 4 and minus 10 to get 4.


Thanks lol… that’s fairly confusing… so it’s really only 50% we get for exclusive content… wow that’s a huge chunk!

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Yeah. Although there’s very few stock sites where you’ll get more than 50%… even rarer for them to give you up to 70% based on sales.

Maybe film supply gives you more than 50% but it’s rather exclusive i think

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