Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



@RobertSlump I’m not sure that I understand your question. Could you please clarify what you mean?


Clearly, “quality” is almost completely subjective. If clone tracks did not sell, there wouldn’t be so many of them.

As far as Envato’s UX research goes, regarding sales and price points, I personally would take their “findings” with a grain of salt. It’s impossible to believe that buyers prefer a marketplace where thousands upon thousands of items have literally the exact same title, or are made up of lists of keywords. And yet this fundamental, integral part of the User Experience has persisted for years. I have had friends in the video production field ask me, incredulously, about this, to which I can only respond “That’s due to the way the Audiojungle search engine works.”

One of the biggest dangers, I believe, is the unscrupulous authors who upload the exact same track to multiple accounts, a practice that Envato has shown itself to be unable to police in a meaningful way until it is explicitly brought to their attention.




Guys, guys, guys… I just sold a 1 Million Broadcast License. For 24$ Dollars (and that’s without PayPal Fee, Conversion Rate and Taxes).

Time for ADP.


Nice :slight_smile: !!


I think U should consider introducing a lower threshold. It will be the solution of the inevitable problem of dumping


Why is this topic not here? Listen to the opinions of hundreds and thousands of authors?


Hey there @ArtRecordsSoundWaves

Sorry, but you didn’t got that right: To get this straight: My comment was ment to be negative. Selling a Broadcast license for that amount of money is a shame. But this nonsense has finally an end: Giving us authors the power to set our own prices makes a huge difference, at least for me personally. Selling a Broadcast license for around 20$ really hurts.


Yes, yes, I think this is the right innovation! The author must himself assess his work and his work!




Hi, I’ve just noticed that the author-driven pricing is active now on Aj, and something is happening by itself - all of my items have become 1$ more expensive though I didn’t choose anything like that. Is it a bug?


I don’t get it… I just checked your profile and all the prices are standard (15$, 19$, etc).

So, if you are not joking, it might be a bug… or a test?


Same thing happening in my portfolio. All $19 items (except my most recent track) now show as $20, and the $15 items are now $16.


We can also edit our prices now, so it’s live!


Oh! Ok, I see it now! Thanks!


Hi Everyone,

Today, we’re officially launching Author Driven Pricing (ADP) for AudioJungle and following up with more information about the Fixed Buyer Fees for audio categories. You can read the specifics on the Envato Author Help Center here.

Author Driven Pricing is live on AudioJungle from today and you - as the Author, can now set the price of your items. As you know, alongside the author’s Item Price, Envato charges customers a Buyer Fee. As part of ADP, the old percentage based Buyer Fees have now moved to a new Fixed Buyer Fee system. With these changes to the Buyer Fee, you may have noticed that the List Price (aka total Purchase Price) that customers see may have increased or decreased as a result.

What has not changed
Please note that these fee changes do not impact the Item Price that you - as an Author, set at your sole discretion, and therefore your item’s earnings per sale remain the same here as well. (Note: For technical reasons where the previous Item Price was non-integer, it was rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount.)

Authors now have complete independence in setting the Item Price for each of their AudioJungle items as you wish. Please read through the article on the Author Help Center carefully and review the following information below for further clarification.

What do Authors need to know?
Authors can now enter item prices for all available license types for their item(s) into the price text box on the upload page, or on the edit item page.

Price recommendations will be shown alongside the item price field as a guide only. Once you’ve submitted your edits, the price change will take effect immediately. Read more about Selecting a Price on an Author-Driven Pricing category and How Promotions Work in an author-driven pricing marketplace.

Important Information About Pricing Discussions
Moving forward with Author-Driven Pricing, it’s important to note that there are strict laws governing pricing conduct. In particular, it’s strictly prohibited to have an agreement, arrangement or understanding between competing businesses (such as two authors) about what price point to sell at. How to price your work is a commercial decision you will need to make for yourself. Read more about Setting Prices Responsibly.

Please let us know if you have any general questions. As always, remember to check to see if your question has already been answered and avoid any discussion on the specifics of how you are pricing your item or what you think item prices should be (posts of this nature will be deleted immediately).

**Please note: During the launch activities today, we discovered an issue incorporating the new $0 fixed buyer fee for Sound Effects. As a result of this, we have rolled back Author Pricing for sound effects only. We will update you when we know more


Item price increase?
New sales?

Apologies if this has already been stated but will reviewers be looking at our prices when we upload new music (will prices be taken into consideration when they are deciding whether to approve a track)?




A little heads up would have been nice! Why would you not announce any launch date in your first announcement, when the launch date was indeed so close? It’s like you are trying to sneak up on us. It is this type of behavior on your part that alienates the community. An official announcement in the dashboard should have been made as well.


Hi! One most important question. Do you announce this changes to buyers? As far as i see, today is the worst day in terms of sales during last few weeks. This is huge sign of mess in buyers heads with all this changes. I cant see any banners on top of Envato market with this announcement.


This issue has come to my attention:

Looking in my portfolio, the new $20 price appears for most items.

Looking at search results, the old $19 price appears.

If this situation persists, it will lead to buyer confusion, frustration and anger, thereby negatively impacting sales.