Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



I increased the price of my best-selling tracks.
i supposed that people bought these tracks based on quality. if they like the track and it suits their needs, some more dollar will definitely not be a problem.
let’s see if this work.


Great news! I already updated my prices. Thanks Sarah! :slight_smile:


Seeing as many authors are indeed cutting prices, this is a great opportunity for Envato to take advantage of the situation and do an email and on-site banner campaign “Introducing New Lower Prices!”

Given the expected increase in site traffic such a campaign would cause, it would likely generate sales for lower priced items as well as higher priced ones.


I’ve just sold a pack at the new default price of 35 dollars. I’d initially assumed that I’d get 50% of this, but it turns out that I only get more or less what I would have done when it was priced at 28 dollars because the seller fee has increased. It therefore seems that the additional income from the new higher default prices is going entirely to Envato, and to get additional income per sale I need to increase my prices further.

@Sarah_G - Could you confirm whether this understanding is correct?


Oh my God, please let’s not destroy the market with ultra low prices.

Edit: Nvm, there are so many $5 tracks available now… :sob::sob::sob:


@Sarah_G I wonder if placing the tracks price to an insane value to get visibility is OK for audiojungle…

200.000 $

1.000.000 $


lol what rubbish ! Some guys doing really nonsense and messing around. :rofl:

it’s becoming really insane for buyers…


Music Standard License = $200.000
Music Broadcast & Film = $256


think it’s a strategy to be the first when you order by price, high to low. but i wonder if it’s allowed.


Yeah I see :sweat_smile:


Searching the music section by a 5$ filter, it return only 180 results out of 430 500 tracks. This is far from “so many 5$ tracks” in my book! I don’t know if there will be a race to the bottom or no in the future, but right now, I see no reason to panic too much. :wink:


Audiojungle will have to make some rules if not it will be a complete mess.


It’s the same with the other Envato marketplaces. Since there are items priced at $10millions on VideoHive, I’d say they haven’t figured a way to prevent this.


Yeah but ADP is just started few hours ago… not every authors have seen that yet. Let’s see. :slight_smile:


There are still items at $10 millions on other market places ? What a mess :sweat_smile:


Currently, I see more people rising their prices than dumping them. :slight_smile:


@Sarah_G, I confirm the situation @EightBallAudio pointed: When we change our prices, the old price is still the one coming up through the search engine. This is quite problematic, because it gives potential buyers a false impression of real prices. Fixing this should be a priority, I think. :slight_smile:


Same problem here… this is really confusing… you see a price, and when clicking on the item, the price will be different… please fix this…


It’s a caching issue. Prices update instantly, prices in search results update reasonably quickly… but not instantly. Always been that way.


yup - I checked and now everything is aligned. So it is just a matter of replicating / caching data. I prefer this ! :slight_smile: