Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



I can not argue with you, Giant Space Otter. :grinning:
You are right, everyone has the right to set their own prices.
We only afraid that overall quality of AudioJungle market will go down without extenral control of prices.
Anyway, ADP is great news, I’m all for it, thanks for this Envato team!:clap: But with minor corrections it will be epic inspiring and happy motivational great news! :smiley:


Is anybody else concerned about the effect this will have on the `Popular Files’ page? Surely if somebody reduces one of their tracks with a few sales down to $5 or something, it could end up with a higher chance of reaching the PF page, even if it’s a poor quality item?


I have one question. How is the price going to translate to Packs? Can we change the price of a pack or it is half of price of total sum?


You’ll be able to set the price on everything, but there may be a different buyers fee.


Dear Envato. I will not ask you to set a minimum threshold, because I believe that the upcoming changes will really make the market better and more competitive, and the items will be better. Therefore, instead of wasting time on useless conversations, I will ask a few questions on the case and will prepare for changes. Develop a strategy for further work in this market.

  1. What will happen to the “Best Match” filtration system?

Previously, there were tracks with the best ratio of the number of sales and age of the track. But now, I can assume that cheap tracks will have more sales at the same age of the track. This means that using the “Best Match” filtering, cheap tracks will take first place. But that does not mean that they are really the best tracks.

I suggest not to mix cheap tracks with quality tracks. Let the “Best Match” filter system contain only tracks with an average market value. For example, from 15 dollars for tracks over 2:00. Tracks, the cost of which less than 15 dollars will not fall under this filtration system. If the buyer needs a cheap product, he can choose another filtration system, for example “Price: low to high”

  1. What do you think about the special section “cheap tracks”?

I think it’s possible to leave a minimal threshold in some sense if the tracks that cost below the reasonable level do not mix with all the other tracks, but will only be displayed in the special section “cheap tracks”.

I have some more thoughts on this, but first I want to wait for the answer from the Envato team to see if it makes sense to continue.

In any case, thank you very much for your attention. All the best.


I am confident that with the proper use of such a business tool as author-driven pricing (ADP), financial results will improve. And it will make sense to create better content at the appropriate price. :v:


When ADP was announced for videohive many authors went mad that’s a race to the bottom, RIP videohive, price dumping etc… [ here is the thread: Author-Driven Pricing Coming to VideoHive ]

After 7 months with ADP on videohive i see that the prices are more or less the same… and i have the feeling that the average market price went up… not down. Of course you will see some extreme prices here and there but that’s again a kind of marketing and definitely not the majority.

Imho it’s only logical. You have your little e-shop and you sell your goods. Either you are in a developed country or not… you need more money. None will sell his/hers creations for a buck or two… and if they do they are either stealing/copycats (you can report them) or the item’s real value is just 1-2bucks.

As a VH author i’m glad ADP happened… it should been that way many years ago.

My two bucks :slight_smile:




Let’s see. Implementing ADP is logical step, so we need to see how it will work.


Hi Authors,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We have had a lot of questions and comments regarding price limits and price dumping, so we wanted to reinforce why we are moving to Author Driven Pricing on AudioJungle and applied this to our other marketplaces.

This change is about giving authors the freedom to determine what makes sense for their items and the goals they have set for their business. The Fixed Buyer Fee and the Author Fee will be added on top of the item price that an author sets in the author’s absolute discretion. This is what makes up the list price (what a customer sees) for an author’s AudioJungle items. Please review this article on selecting a price for Author Driven Pricing Categories.

We would also like to echo what @odiusfly and @audioglitz have mentioned in regards to quality. “Quality is the key, not price numbers.” Our UX research indicates that quality is a key factor affecting the purchases of many audio customers, and pricing alone will not dictate which items sell. We believe that high-quality items will always stand out from the crowd.

We encourage you to review the Pricing Items category on the Author Help Center to understand how fixed Buyer Fees for Author Driven Pricing categories work - please note we will be updating our articles to reflect ADP on AudioJungle pricing very soon.


Customers don’t choose items purely based on price, they choose their items based on quality as well as a number of other factors. As we’ve seen in other marketplaces, quality items are what stand out far beyond lower-priced items.

We strongly believe that the more authors invest in the quality of their items, the greater return they’ll see from them. It’s not easy and still takes work, but producing great work is a giant leap forward and a good way to accelerate your item’s performance at the beginning.


As @Audio_Wave notes above, Envato’s author fee structure will not be changing with the introduction of author driven pricing and fixed buyer fees. It instead depends on whether an author has decided to sell exclusively with Envato and how much the author has sold on Envato Market. As sales accumulate over time the commission Envato charges authors declines (until reaching the minimum of 12.5% of the item price).


All categories on AudioJungle will be subject to author driven pricing, including music packs. Please note that the fixed buyer fees for a music pack, will be higher than individual items alone.


Authors will need to set the prices for each license tier themselves. Here is a screenshot of what the UI will look like so you can get an idea of what to expect.


This has been a common question expressed by authors since we first launched author-driven pricing on other marketplaces. We do acknowledge that some authors may have more flexibility due to their location and business overheads. However, as we’ve mentioned before, customers look for much more than price when purchasing an item.

Increasing or decreasing prices may influence a potential customers decision to consider your items, but other factors including customer ratings, support, reviews and especially, the overall quality of the item is what helps determine a customer’s final decision when purchasing an item.


We don’t currently have any changes planned for the AudioJungle results filtering. However, we will be monitoring the effects of ADP on the marketplace, and may introduce new methods for presenting items to customers as needed.


Hi @Sarah_G

I don’t disagree with anything you say about the importance of quality as well as price for customers. However, I wasn’t arguing for a minimum price point but asking in the context of ADP whether Envato will be doing more to tackle the problem of multiple accounts and cloned tracks on AudioJungle. On the face of things this is a much bigger problem on AJ than is the case with the other market places and it’s not clear whether the potential impact of this on ADP has been considered.

I’m fine with the concept of ADP and am looking forward to being able to set my own prices. However, it does seem ridiculously easy to game the system at the moment and it would be good to see more being done to tackle this. You can never totally prevent fraud but it certainly could be made a lot more difficult (ID checks, only two accounts per author, tougher penalties etc etc).

Any indications you can give about future developments in this area would be great.




Hi Sarah! Can I ask you a question? How did you know that? All prices for Audiojungle up to this point were distributed equally on tracks 9 $, 12 $, 15 $, 19 $, etc. I will reformulate my question. On the market (AJ) where a huge number of DUPLICATED tracks, about the same quality. Why pay more if you can buy the same track at a low price?


Thanks! What would be cool would be if we could set a template… I mean, for 99% of my tracks I guess I will have the same pricings :slight_smile:


I guess you can’t really say a item is of great quality if it just another duplicate track/copy of a succesful track?