Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



I respect your opinion, but we have an audio order more (not clones, but duplicate accounts). But this is not the main reason why we are not happy with the lack of a lower price limit!


I understand. If envato believes need to add a limit will do my friend. If not… the story goes on! :wink:


It is a great pity that you are not with us! ((


Bro you miss my point, I see all this years how envato is moving. I don’t want to disappoint you, i say the things as is, i don’t believe in miracles here. As i said, if an item worth, believe me will be success. So what i try to say is, don’t focus on prices or what the other authors do, focus on your quality.


it would be great if you make the limit of the price, at least 15$ for short tracks, the minimum limit is very important point


I think every author should know what price deserve the quality of his item,after the client who decide.


I write my opinion…


:muscle: Good luck my friend! :muscle:


I fight with my work, no by forum bro. There are important things to fight, and i’m 99.9999999999% sure that will you lose. If envato keep minimum threshold contact me. :beer::beers: Free beer from me. :sunglasses: Wish you sales too! :musical_note:


Ha. I bet that I will win!


probably it does not matter (for them) … :Не смешно:
maybe their business would be better and more diverse if the authors had a lot? or is it better to do business on one hundred (one thousand) authors, having a small corporation?


Bro this is not about fights, battles whatever.
Here on envato, is our work for some people and for others just hobby, whatever.

And my advice: Work bro don’t try to fight something that help you to have sales, clients, to be “famous”.

Rules are rules.

In your real job, if your boss add a new rule you choose: Continue to work or go away.
And the new rules here on envato coming first for the envato avail and next for the authors.

You like? Υou Continue your work… No like? Find other market. Simple… very simple.


Good news!
But like many authors here, I hope Envato will make a minimum threshold…




That was sarcasm …
(I’m not afraid of dumping, because I myself can do it; but, my earnings are so small that there is no reason to fight … in my version - it’s just a hobby (alas))



Save the planet! Save us from the envato rules. :joy:


I am not competent


This most definitely won’t apply to an individual artist on AudioJungle.


Great news imo.

Some of you guys are saying here, that other authors will sell their same-type low quality tracks, uploaded within multiple accounts, for less price than you.
So what’s the problem with it? The quality is low and the price is low.

If you put some efforts and creativity to your tracks, how can those authors beat you and take the money from you?
Otherwise you seem like one of those guys you’re complaining about and it’s time for you to update your corporate templates.


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