Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle



I’m not asking i’m insisting to make a minimum price threshold for tracks of $ 15 and $ 19


Also a reminder against discussing prices on the forums.

In Australia, as in many countries, there are strict laws governing pricing conduct. In particular, it’s strictly prohibited to have an agreement, arrangement or understanding between competing businesses (such as two authors) about what price point to sell at. Think of this as needing to avoid any discussion on the specifics of how you’re pricing your item. How to price your work is a commercial decision you will need to make for yourself.

If you’re an author, please don’t discuss with other authors what prices you’ll be setting on your items (either on our forums or anywhere else for that matter).

Please see this Help Center article for more information.


Have you overestimated your sales items?

@CleanMagicAudio @odiusfly Peace brothers :peace_symbol: :grin: I misunderstood the cause you called me! Unfortunately I answered without first read the whole thread :joy: and your previous comments… I just wanted to save everyone like Superman haha… Anyway, Authors and Envato we have to stay united! All happens for a reason and i am sure that it will be for a good reason! We have to trust ourselves but also we have to trust our home… Envato…


I am HAPPY and very EXCITED about this news, HOWEVER, as it was said many times before, AJ needs to set the CURRENT price as MINIMUM. That should be applied to ALL products (items, packs, kits, etc…). If there is no minimum set fee, we would be competing with authors who are happy to put their price too low, which is a disrespect to our craft, investment in studio equipment, investment in our education, and time.


Totally agree!!!


like many of you, I’d like to see a minimum price.

But… I checked on the other marketplaces… and usually… the prices are… higher than currently here… not lower… so maybe what we fear won’t happen?

The good news for me is that currently many authors, such as myself… are trying to simply extend their songs to 2:01 just to reach $19 instead of $15.
Now I will be able to produce 1:30 tracks and still tag them $19.
I see large hiphop portfolios with $15 items… of excellent quality… I guess the author will immediately raise the price :slight_smile:


The minimum item price you will be able to set your tracks at will be $1, as with all other ADP categories. Add the buyer’s fee on top and you get the list price… which is the amount the buyer pays, shown on the item page.

I’m just guessing here, but based on other marketplaces with similarly priced items… the buyers fee for a standard license will probably be $4 to $6. So the minimum list price would then be $5 to $7.


Might have been an idea to look into how ADP works before creating the image for your petition. It won’t be possible to set a price of $0.01 for an item.

Also, when drafting a petition with the intention of convincing a company to do something, it’s a good idea to explain why you want the company to do something. I.e. what the positives would be of doing so and what the negatives would be of not doing so.


Oh, does this mean that we will also have to set the price for all the licenses ourselves?
Or is it an automatic calculation based on the basic license?


If they do it the same as they did on VideoHive, then all of your prices will automatically adjust so that you’re not earning any less than you would have been before the change. For example, HD clips were $8 before and they were all automatically adjusted upwards to $10.


Yes, I understand that there will be fixed buyer fee and author fee also, so price will be much higher than $0.01. I specially exaggerated this image. :wink:
But, SpaceStockFootage, agree - at the moment we already have a very low price… And many authors will lower $19 price for example to $12 or even $10. You know, for many authors from poor contries 5 dollars from item is great profit and they can live on this money whole day. So authors from these countries will dump, because they can. But what should do authors from EU or USA, or Australia?
None of us wants the Envato to become a Chinese Aliexpress market, true? Dumping will lead to this.

I agreed, that we must write pros and cons. Lets do it togather. But i don’t see any cons of minimum limiting. Envato will win. Win in earnings and in quality.


People have been saying exactly the same as you since ADP was first introduced, and instances of price dumping have been pretty minimal on the whole. Even so, an item is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it… no more no less; that’s how global markets work. The con is that Envato will be placing limits on what you can and can’t set your prices to, which goes against the whole point of ADP. It’s author driven pricing, not Envato/Author Driven pricing.

Just on a side note… nobody in any country on the planet can live on $5 a day. Not somebody who is producing items for Audiojungle anyway.


Offtopic: “For a native Ukrainian, the average salary is surprisingly low by Western standards. It can vary between $200-$400 per month.” Minus from this utilities, electricity, etc. - ask those people how to live lower then $5 day.

As you know, global market have strict rules, WTO, Anti Dumping Agreement, The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries etc., in order to meet the interests of all market players. If you say “that’s how global markets work”, then we definitely need limitations.


you’re right! it’s not living, it is surviving :wink:


Great news :slight_smile:


You’re making the same mistake I see a lot of people make. They go online, find the minimum wage or the average wage of some developing country, and then they think that is a wage that producers from that country can live on. I can kind of understand why you’d think that, but stop and imagine this person that lives on $5 a day for a moment. Imagine what they look like, where they live, what they do and what they own. Imagine the life they might lead. You’re maybe picturing a rice farmer in a village in the countryside, someone working in a pretty bleak factory, working really long hours to support themselves and their family in poor conditions.

What you’re probably not imagining is somebody with an iMac, the latest DAW, Midi Controller, a reasonable internet connection ($5 a month) and the time to create tracks… rather than spending the majority of the day figuring out how to put food on the table and pay the rent at the end of the month.


I totally agree with you, in almost everything you say all across the forum. But this time I think u miss some facts: you don’t need an iMac or a midi controller to make music. In fact, you can do it with a amd gaming computer with generic mother. And one more thing, in the countries you mention, they don’t use legal software, so there is that too. I maintain my statement that this is a race to the bottom.


SpaceStockFootage, maybe I mispronounced and you misunderstood me … I’m trying to say that spending much less money people from poorer countries can produce approximately the same quality as people in very expensive countries. Accordingly, they can set prices for their products much lower, but the net profit will be the same for people in rich countries. In addition, piracy flourishes there and they do not even buy libraries, soft and plug-ins…

And it’s not even about the cost of equipment, it’s the same everywhere. It’s about the standard of living. For example, in many countries, I can dine in a very good restaurant with very tasty food for only $ 10 or $15. Do not believe me? - come, invite you, treat you, honestly;) And so in everything: food, electricity, entertainment, rent, etc. Come to Russia, Belarus, East Europe. And there are a lot of such countries.

In my opinion everyone should have a fair play. And in order to avoid speculation and authors from all countries were in the same conditions - it seems to me ideal to introduce a lower limit.

SpaceStockFootage, I fully respect and understand your opinion! I might be wrong, time will tell. But it seems to me, better safe than sorry.


Totally agree. So thier investment = 0, profit - 100%. They can dumping.


And how long would it take to buy this AMD gaming computer if you’re making $5 a day… keeping in mind out of that needs to come your rent, internet connection, food etc?

Yes because the only investment AudioJungle authors make is buying software, right? Has nothing to do with skill, time, experience, technical ability? Still, bit of a generalisation that everyone in certain countries uses pirated software.

But I completely agree… many countries are considerably less expensive to live in than others. I’m not disputing that, just disputing that AudioJungle authors can live on $5 a day. But my response to…

Accordingly, they can set prices for their products much lower, but the net profit will be the same for people in rich countries.

…would be: And? And my response to…

In my opinion everyone should have a fair play.

…would be: well everyone does have a fair playing field as they all have the ability to set their own prices.

If you don’t want tracks to be less than $19 then don’t set your tracks at less then $19. Impose your own minimum. Setting your own prices for the products you create is a pretty standard concept and is pretty widespread… and lots of individual companies still do well even in such circumstances.