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Marbury-Media, maybe you really need to rest? Go to the forest or fishing, but the best thing is doing sports - it will very quickly save you from negative energy. If every 5 minutes nervously update the page and wait for sales and complain, then it’s possible to go crazy.


You can easily find on the Internet such researchers as Svend Brinkmann or Barbara Held, who criticize positive thinking.
Life is hard but it’s not a problem. Problem is that we are made to think it isn’t hard. The freedom of complaining is connected with the ability to face reality and to accept it what it really is. Here on AJ we, authors, can feel the pain of each other lol. Thus fellow authors can know they are not alone with no sales. Moreover, claiming the sales issues can be noticed by Envato staff and maybe the search algorithms can be rebuilt or whatever (dream on, little dreamer, dream on).


I was asking Marbury as a simple human (and also a fellow author), not a researcher, but I don’t really disagree about the essence of your post. Just know that I don’t see positive thinking as some kind of magic.

Any words about my response to your post? Just tried to help with some stats and ideas. :slight_smile:

Don’t want to open a big discussion about it, but I simply want to add that I understand that forcing oneself to be always positive could lead to some problems and that sharing negative thoughts with people can have benefits. I simply think that, when only one of those sides is put forward, maybe it’s a sign that something is a bit wrong. I could be wrong myself, though. :slight_smile:

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I know I have a bad habit of going too off-topic sometimes, so on the subject of sales stats: I made 12 today; on a Sunday (still a Saturday in my corner of the world) and I didn’t even knew it was possible to sell more on a weekend than other days!

(Many multi-use licenses, like you wondered about recently @Ladanauskas . Hope that trend continues!)


Hey guys! A few comments above the exclusive/non-exclusive issue was mentioned and I’m precisely considering creating a non-exclusive account with part of my current portfolio. I didn’t want to go too off-topic here so I started a specific thread. Any thoughts, suggestions or experiences you feel like sharing, will be utterly welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:


several days in a row without a sale! time to complain!
even if i have already exceeded the 50$ threshold for money transfer! :slight_smile:


I sympathize with those with low sales (mine are not at the top either!), but 23 sales - on a weekend - in a month with an average of 5 daily is an unexpected turn for me… a micro-proof of what I wrote a few posts ago: anything can happen, here! Good luck to all! :slight_smile:


Great, a good sign of weather! :relaxed: It’s still so-so continuing on my side too.

By the way I’m curious of that “positive thinking” thing too (I do not understand what does it mean) but not sure where to discuss.

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I sure hope we’ll see multi-use licenses more regularly. It makes a nice difference. :slight_smile:

About “positive thinking” being criticized, I think the author was simply pointing the fact that being a bit too optimist is not always the best method to sort through problems and that complaining about sales or other stuff can sometimes help to feel less alone, to face reality as it is, etc. But I’m no specialist in this field! So I can’t help much about this subject. :slight_smile:

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The week was really decent, but these 3 last days is oh so quiet… :thinking:

Less frequent sales than expected, but unusually big ammount of big licenses this month. I don’t know if I should be sad because sales number is dropping, or to be happy for earnings boost with big licenses…


Reached the same amount as January today, so February will at least be better. Maybe the very long Christmas/New Year slowdown is finally behind?

You’re saying you’ve never, ever had a sale between the UK hours of 9am and 5pm* at any point over the past six years? All 11,813 of your sales have been between the hours of 5pm to 9am?

Or are you trying to say that you’ve always had sales during UK hours, you just haven’t today? Today which still have six hours left in it.

*which I’m assuming we’ll class as ‘UK hours’. Otherwise you mean ‘UK hours’ as in midnight to midnight, and 100% of your sales have been between midnight and midnight UK time.

Last week was great, but this one starts slow with no sales!
Hope it really picks up, mate!

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Pretty much in the last couple of years yes. Very rare to get a sale in UK time anymore. In fact, very rare to get a sale at all these days as my average monthly earnings have halved so far in 2018. I can’t see making that up in just one week.

Same here… half of what i earned last year in 2018 sadly.
50% is quite a decline… but to be fair, i have not uploaded anything yet in 2018.

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I noticed two big “traffic waves” on audiojungle - september-december & march-may. At least for me. Tracks uploaded then tend to do much better and it’s easier to gain more sales on new tracks. (It’s just from my experience)


With my limited stats (only 2 years here), I also see better traffic around those months.

And although I don’t have a 50% decline like others mentioned, I do have a decline in 2018.

I added fresh new sounds last month, they make a difference, but not a big one. I still have my hopes, but…:thinking:

And the weird thing is that even though i feel like i am selling much less then average/normal, i still remain on the same position in audiojungle (number 224) so obviously i am not falling down the list which means the rest of audiojungle is losing sales as well? Or is this way of analyzing too straightforward?