AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


@WavebeatsMusic - I decided to try Your advice with the EQ on your avatar. :wink: Most likely the customers will think I stole your idea. Luckily I bought 16 music icons on, (where the equalizer was also present) & in the end we chose a more appropriate logo. :eyes:
Thank you for trying to help me with this!
It’s very nice when people help each other :nerd_face:


Well, I was happy with 3 sales from 1st to 3rd of August… but since then, dead, zero, nada…
Ok, I raised the prices as well… but I am not sure this is due to this, it seems August is always slow…


I too have had a very slow week this week and since the introduction to ADP and my raising of prices has been really quiet. It is holiday time for a lot of people and also the shock of price increases to buyers will slow everything down. Let the market adjust to this price change and I am sure all will be fine.


I haven’t been able to upload anything for the last 2 weeks so I can’t jump to conclusions, but since the introduction of ADP things have been more or less as following for me:

  • The average number of sales went down just a bit (not really drastic).
  • I slightly raised the prices on some of my best selling items and managed to get almost the same incomes.
  • I did the experiment of dumping the price of some old rusty buried tracks and they didn’t sold any better. Even if they did, they wouldn’t leave me a dime so the only reason I see for an author to do such a nonsense is for SE positioning purposes or just pure evil.

So to sum up, so far August has been a bit slow in sales volume, but with basically the same incomes as July. I guess that if I would have been able to upload regularly (1 or 2 tracks a week), ADP might have a positive impact on my side. I hope to be back on track in 3 weeks or so, so we’ll see.

Good luck everyone!


Very interesting and curious experience. Looks like the bait on the low price tag does not work?


Well, at least not for me, but I must point out that I did the $5 move on the very few corporate items I have. I guess that category is already a jungle inside the jungle.


On topic: still slow sales. :neutral_face:


No sales in sight this week🙄


Hey everyone. Things seem to be getting a bit personal around here.

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Thanks for the reminder - I hate when half of the posts are about people slowly becoming more and more agressive about something that has been mis-interpreted.

Also, please, some of us are not totally fluent in English… so it may happen that we don’t use the right word, and we can sound rude, or agressive, or lacking respect where in fact we simply mis-used a word…

That being said, still nada, no sales at all :slight_smile:


Slow July and Slow August so far!
Haven’t raised my prices yet, but i do intend to raise them just a little, to test the waters!
And when the market hopefully picks up again in September i will assess what is happening with ADP in the Jungle and make a more dedicated decision!
Truly hope August picks up, though!


It´s being my worst month since January. August is August, but this August… I don´t like this August.
Good luck to everyone this month.

Being positive, not everything is bad in August. a picture i took yesterday with my phone.
I´m thinking to sell it on photodune… :rofl::joy::joy::rofl:

And i see @KakaduCreation finally is by my side! Congratulations!! :smiley:


Thank you friend! Awesome photo! My dream! :smile:


I’m heading to Asturias next week, this is the view I’m hoping for!!

Edit: very low sales this week…:roll_eyes:


Asturias is BEAUTIFUL.

If you want to go to, probably the most beautiful (and strange) beach; Gulpiyuri.
It´s summer and it will be crowded, unfortunatelly, but deserve it.

Have a nice travel!


I’ve uploaded several tracks lately and raised my prices a little.
I can tell that sales have a little drop, around 20-30%,but overall revenue has raised about 50-70% in comparison with last august when I did upload frequently.
Also looking at popular files I can tell that it’s an overall market drop. The entrance to popular items costs only 15 sales when usually it’s about 21-24 sales.
So,best strategy for now is be patient,think about new strategies with ADP,create quality tracks and wait for september when things,hopefully, will go better for the whole market :slight_smile:


Absolutely atrocious. I usually try to keep things positive, but it’s getting harder when you’re basically on a life support with 1 sale in about 2 weeks, while new uploads are collecting dust already and make no impact at all.


Absolutely D-I-A-B-O-L-I-C-A-L


just 3 sales this month! i understand everyone potentially interested in my music is in holyday but come on! :slight_smile:


Alo - Is this Marbury Media?

Do we have money, where to bring?! :joy::rofl: