AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


It is such a great thing when people come together for a joy. It helps to fill that you are not alone, not a little single part of existence but you, he, she, they, all people and all things around is existence. I personally love to see when people come together for a joy. It is always a very joyful and peaceful atmosphere. :slight_smile:


Seems like the hellish ultra-pink banner ad killed my sales since yesterday! :upside_down_face:

I have an idea! I’m going to upload many pink noise sounds and make a fortune! :facepunch:


Offtopic: I still have the idea that Envato is trying to win this fight from in the external market (all these bright banners, etc.) with which of his competitors(some other trading platform). I recently looked at other trading platforms, but I haven’t yet found one (maybe I was looking bad?). Who is this competitor, just interesting …

It seems to me that a new banner with such a bright color was not chosen by chance (I got the impression that Envato is actively fighting(in all possible ways) someone from other trading platforms. Just my thoughts … I don `t know whether this is true or not, but nevertheless there is a suspicion of this.


After a great, great first week… this week has been really slow all of the sudden.
is it the pink banner of death? IS IT?!?


I just checked a sales of the new items of AJ and a first sale was only on the 6 page. I remember in the past a first sale was at least on the 2 page. And in overall: so low sales of the new items now. I think it was never been before.


I associate the pink color with glasses, or with a carefree life or … (I will not say 3rd :sweat_smile:) .But do not be discouraged ahead of time, not all times are good - the most important is the fruits of this activity(because we are waiting for the fruit in the direction of the success of the authors, not just Envato).

My opinion is this: Envato will not drop the ax on his leg, I hope and will not drop this ax to us too.
I do not think that on Envato all these changes (bright banners) were introduced just like that (or that their authors suffered). I doubt it.

Hope is not dead yet, probably this is the lack of communication between the staff and the authors (a nutshell: we do not understand but express anger because they did not tell us something). Something like this.

In order not to keep the authors on negatives, they could just say what they had in mind. This would solve a lot of problems (as for authors who have already begun to leave for non-exclusive accounts, and for all those who remain).


Envato works wonders! My new track was approved an hour ago. But there are views two days ago! Have they invented a time machine? :flushed:


They just don’t care anymore. It’s all about elements now.


Most likely your track was accepted on another day, but it was noted that March 14th. :sweat_smile: You need to check and compare dates, exact numbers.


He was taken for 13.5 days. :man_shrugging:


Taken away? In this case, they checked this track ahead of time. So you have the wrong dates. Most likely you did not notice and the track was approved earlier.


You can see my new track in the “new” relevant category … This is just to check. The track was approved over an hour ago. Confirmations come to my email.


Well, all the same, you probably miscalculated the date, or put the statistics of another track.



Seriously? Why do I need it?


Well, I do not know, but something is wrong. It is unlikely that the statistics that messed up. Most likely you confused the track with the same name.


You are very strange. I show a funny fact, but do you think that I am doing a
fake news?


Well you know better. :blush:


PHHHH!!! I was always repelled by people judging other people by their actions …
I’m sorry…


I don’t know what you’re talking about, but well. Statistics of the track that approved on the 14th cannot display the 12th number.