AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


March is ultra dead so I am considering going non-exclusive…


Okay I’m saying one more thing so fellow artists, buyers and maybe envato staff see this. But here’s my current position.

I don’t like being exploited, patronised and lied to. Envato recently have been doing all three to us. It’s like they’re trying to make us feel good with their positive language and milestone badges, then f us over at every turn financially. I really want to put all my passion and hard work into this marketplace but I just don’t feel right doing it with Envato treating us the way they are. I’m giving them over 60% of my hard work per sale, and how do they treat us in return? Like an expendable stat on a piece of paper. The online gig economy needs regulating imo because this type of behaviour is frankly disgusting, needs to stop and I don’t feel comfortable giving them a majority of my income per sale as it stands now. I don’t want to reward unethical business practices.

Okay now I really am going to stop being negative because it’s genuinely putting me off making music in general.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Hahahaha! Totally!


Looks like TimMcMorris pulled his tracks out of Elements?


Absolutely dead, so I must be a zombie composer writing this message! :eye::scream::joy:
When is that experiment going to be done for good, mates?


The last item took 15 days ago. For March 3, will see what will happen when the new tracks.


makes you wonder how much their making (or losing) there to pull out


Dear creative art directors from Envato Elements, please do not deface my profile page with that ugly pink to bypass potential buyers to Elements.
It´s a cheek. Sorry guys, but that color is below your skills.


PinkZebra will win from this color :joy::joy::joy:


LOL…yes, the only one who will “win” from this cruelty in terms of contrast…and traffic.


Mid month and absolutely :skull:. quelle surprise!


Here’s what a slap looks like))


Hello customers, HELLO!



That really is one ugly color.


I guess they thought the previous banner was way too subtle.


I’m thinking of adding a banner on my profile that points to their Elements banner and says something like: “Don’t You Believe It!”


We could protest with a banner slogan: STAY WITH US!

…this could be told to UK parliament as well :wink:


The Elements banner appeared again and 2 days without sales. Coincidence? I do not think so.


Yes, a many and many times in my life I felt that being negative (in any thing of my life) really prevents me from doing what I love (prevents me to make music). It takes (a negative things) so much energy… But I agree with you in your whole message, especially in these words: “I don’t want to reward unethical business practices.”. That is why I put a high price on almost all my tracks because if I have some income I don’t want to have just a few bucks from a work in which I put my soul, my energy and a time of my life. My life is not eternal, at least my physical life.

Good luck to you too! :slight_smile:


Totally offtopic, but i wanted to share, in these no-sales times…

The last saturday, in carnivals, in my city, a record was beaten, more than 400.000 persons with costumes in a concert.