AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


“Best Self Rated” maybe…?

It could be that you are showing up with older tracks in the “trending function” in the category pages, which is still not working, you can check the trending function in the genre of the track you sold. Or maybe it’s just coincidence :slight_smile:


love this


Looks like we have our very own Nostradamus in our midst!


I checked the trending function in the track’s genre, and I have found one of my tracks on the first page, but one from 2012. The track I sold is nowhere to be found in the first 10 pages. Guess I just got lucky.


It is impossible to find a Nostradamus in the world financial crisis question. Unfortunately… But maybe fortunately))




5 days without sales. Only a 4 sales in this month. No US buyers at all. Almost no views of a new tracks (in the statistics). Something going wrong in AJ…


One sale in March, great, really inspiring


I really consider going non-exclusive now, dead month for me so far. I already know what’s going to happen at the end of the month, email: your payout was rejected


One of the reasons why I hate the new payout system. Now I also get shamed by Envato at the end of the month for not selling enough.


Ye I am Good ! Yeee I know !


I’m so sad to see this! I was so hardworking. Elements and this experiment are killing us :confused:


Deleted my comments because I can’t be bothered being negative anymore, just hope this is still a viable career option and that sales come back soon.




Hey, I don’t wanna sound negative but I would never stake my career on a marketplace that someone else owns!

I’ve been through it with AdSense, eBay, Amazon affiliates etc… It’s possible to do great for awhile, but eventually the ride comes to an end.

Not that RF libraries and stock can’t be a portion but if you’re serious about making a living composing, relationships, real music libraries and bigger projects are where you need to be!


Absolutely dead. :upside_down_face:


Yeah that’s a great point tbh.


Yeah, I kinda feel the same way. It seems there’s not much we can do to make our voices be heard… unless we write the URL of a competitor’s library in the forum and then BAM! you got banned in the blink of an eye! :laughing:

I must say, though: that is some furious magenta in the brand new “Elements Flash Sale” banner, ain’t it?


My eyes bleed, just saw it :rofl:

You just can’t miss this ad now

I thought I had to update Flash player :joy:


Literally just saw that banner too, feels like a middle finger to us. That’s fine though, like Robert said, we authors gotta remember there’s other places we can go so I’m just going to try to focus my energy into other areas! Will still upload on here of course, but I’m not going to put in the effort I was org planning for this marketplace, I’ll save that for companies that actually value my services. :slight_smile: