AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


You know, lately I just thought about a prices on the tracks after ADP. If all the authors (all!) put the price $49-$99 for one track all the authors would be have a great profit (just imagine). But what can I see after 6-7 month after ADP? I can see that majority of the authors returns to $19-$20 per track )) And I have a question: What is the sense of ADP in this situation with the prices (the same prices which was before ADP)?..)


The thing is that prices do not have static values adopted at the legislative level.

For example, the price of $ 20 for a standard license and those who decide to compete using prices as a tool simply will not be entitled to it legally.

I am very sad that Envato and other platforms didn’t unite and didn’t make the bill which after sent to the government of different countries for its adoption.

We pay taxes, we work, and someone manipulates the market with the help of our labor.

I hope that the law will join this sphere in the near future.


I feel almost shy to post good stats among all the gloom and doom nowadays, but March sales rhythm is nice to me so far (even a little better than February; which was a good month on my side). Plus, compared to the same 2018 period, I have more than doubled the profit this March. Happy. :sunglasses: :beer: :innocent:

  1. Create imaginative sfx. 2) Edit and master. 3) Wait for the rejections. 4) After rejections, go to latest sounds accepted in Envito. 5) Observe newly accepted generic, oversaturated sounds like wind/whoosh/thunder etc etc et. 6) Bang head against wall. 7) Rinse and repeat.


@Marbury-Media, here is my March “to do” list:

  1. Your #6
  2. Your #6, increase intensity
  3. Fix hole in wall
  4. Realize I wasted an opportunity to record the sound of #6 and upload it


LOL - could an excellent field recording sfx that´s not oversaturated…hahaha


It could be a conscious decision of every artists (to put a good prices for their works) whatever any manipulations of a small part of a members of the market who manipulate by a low prices. Anyway, an artists who just wants to take more money thanks to a high prices are bigger (majority part of the market) than a manipulators. But… People are very manipulative. And a psychology of the fear (“if I put a high price I will lose”) is stronger than a common sense.


I am sure that sooner or later the authors will realize that subscriptions will not bring them a decent reward for their work. and all this will disappear. We (the authors who are aware of all the uselessness of this subscription system) should often focus on this, that would be as many authors see it and before deciding on the free distribution of their works carefully studied what benefits they will receive.

No need to succumb to the sweet persuasion and promise of the Golden mountains. There need not be a mathematical genius to understand how this loss-making scheme, ranging from authors and ending with gosudarstvami who receive taxes from that.

I am sure that in the future if we compare the income of the element and the main income of Aj, then the income from the element will be ridiculous.


I have almost $30 for every sold standard license. So, how much I will have in Elements from one sold track? Just funny…)


Search the forum. Of income told the authors of “element”.


As I know pinkzebra was disappointed by “Elements”.


If they’re already disappointed even though so few other artists are on the platform, and with the surge of new buyers that are probs just bulk buying then unsubbing, I’m guessing elements is going to crash and burn soon. No way is that sustainable if people are already disappointed with it while it’s in the honeymoon phase.


I hope your intuition is very powerful! And it will be so as you predict. :slight_smile:


I really hope so too but we’ll see. I really don’t know what data and conclusions envato came to for thinking giving away all tracks for $16.50 was a sustainable option but I’d love to have heard it.


March is total drop sales! I have not yet met this…
I know that there are often roller coasters, but for now just an uncontrolled fall…


Fun fact: Your last sale was 6 days ago.


Thanks AJ lol


5 days without sales.


OK, March seems to be a “dead” month, which was expected, considering the Experiment won’t be over for a couple more weeks. At least we have a clear reason for the drop in sales, no need for speculations.

I guess the end of March/beginning of April will be a turning point for a lot of the authors here on AJ.


“I guess the end of March/beginning of April will be a turning point” - it certainly will be and what will the category pages default sort will the marketplaces be left with?


Just got my first sale in 30 days. It’s not much, but it’s something. It’s a really old track, one of my first from 2010.