AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Man, that’s depressing graph!


For me the much more tense fact that I have a several new tracks (a tracks approved in this March) not only with 0 sales but with 0 views of a tracks. It was never happened in the past. Every new track had as minimum 15-20 views. But now a maximal views (in my particular statistics) of a new tracks is 7-8 and even 0 views. By the way, in my case in this March I don’t have a US buyers at all. And of course it reflects on my overall sales. As minimum on 70% lower than in the previous months. I don’t know… Perhaps the experiments of Envato reflects on a US buyers… If yes, I can’t understand why…


one day everyone will be the author of the element :grin:


Yes, views, too, became less.


Surely not.


if the bet is money, everyone will be from the same religion.


I remember one wise words: “There are no atheists on a sinking ship” :slight_smile:


this and a lot like that promise. samples can be reproduced…


Uploaded 7 new tracks these last few weeks, zero sales… Last three months have nothing in common with the same ones in previous years, cause my sales graph was progressively going up and improving with every year!
And now everything is going down and i can’t rely on my income from AJ anymore!
Other markets across the pond are frozen too, even though I made some new songs for them too!
Tough times, but life don’t end with sales!
Have a great week and hopefully the sales will come back soon!


But I can not understand. the total decline in sales began before the introduction of the"element". I don’t think bloggers started making less videos or advertising agencies started making less advertising.

Maybe there was some other source of commercial items?


4 days without sales, for me the week has not yet begun. But I continue to work.


DEAD :skull::skull::skull: DEAD
CAPPED :man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot: CAPPED


I think, if the world financial crisis will be soon perhaps it can be a reason of the overall decline of a sales in the last few months. It is only the hypothesis because I don’t know nothing about: will be the world financial crisis soon or no… And definitely I’m not a specialist in a financial questions. Just a thoughts… assumptions.


Why the crystal ball? Why not stick to something plausible?

Ongoing oversaturation + Envato dumping the price



I mean about the long-term decline the beginning was in August 2017. Don’t know how the others, but Aj is began then. Even at that time was modified search engine Aj.

I think that if you look for someone to blame, need to blame authors who give their works by subscription. They are the ones who devalue our work.


There’s a lot of diff factors at work but Ashot has a point. Another financial crisis is around the corner. Tons of respected economists are expecting one any time soon. I mean we tried to solve the last debt crisis 11 years ago by throwing more debt at the problem, that isnt going to end well… Plus oversaturation comes at the end of a boom cycles anyway so they’re linked. Poor decisions on envatos part are making it much worse for us though and speeding up the bust.


They are just a part of the contemporary market. There is no their blame, I guess…
A many and many other markets has a subscription. AJ needs in the subscription too because there is a hard competition. It doese not means that I liike the subscription because I have a serious decline of my sales thanks to Elements. But… it is a reality of the contemporary market, I guess…

Well, for my inner world Acceptance is the best way for saving my energy and move forward with a new creative ideas :slight_smile:


If the authors do not distribute their work in places where there is a subscription, then there will be no such places - there will be no competition. You don’t understand our role in this business.


Yes, all these real things are really important. My thought about the world financial crisis is just a thought. Maybe I’m wrong.


there is a crisis for my country, but the same thing for the whole world can not be said. :expressionless: