AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


It is like a surrealism for me - your statistics))) :slight_smile: Because January was my very best month since I’m here (16 months). And March is one of my worst months at least on this moment (10 days of the month).


Yes, I’m agree with you. But we (every single member of Envato) can see only some things of the whole market. Yes, perhaps a many of us has a great ideas but only in some particular things of the market. But they (Envato marketers) can see the whole market (as the inner market as the market of a competitors). Probably our ideas are good for us but not good for the whole market. Anyway, marketers knows better what is good and what is bad for the whole market and what is good and what is bad for the better profit.


You’re not letting it go so:
For almost 10 years, I did marketing for a $50 million a year company. It’s a company in the audio software business that you’ve definitely heard of, and there’s a good chance you use some of its many products.
Therefore, I actually am qualified to determine whether or not a particular idea is worth trying or not. And many of the suggestions to which I am referring ARE worth trying, and implementing.


Why not?! If you has a great experience in the marketing (especially in the marketing of audio industry) maybe you can try to became one of the marketing specialists of AudioJungle? Did you tried to communicate with the AJ marketing department directly?


Marketing as a profession no longer interests me, and it typically is not something one can do long distance, and I don’t live in Australia.

But as a member of the community, I would like to see our good suggestions tested, at the very least.


I hope maybe someday they will hear you! :slight_smile:


Cappy capper capped cap.


You are not with us (with the authors)? You do not want your opinion heard too? This is strange.

You should not say “they will hear you” (this sounds very ambiguous), but as a full author you should be sure that “They will hear us and you as well.” I think so. One gets the impression that you (Ashot-Danielyan-Composer) are not with us (with authors).

I just got the impression that this does not concern you (all these experiments, and you seem to be blissful)(as if this does not apply to you, which is again strange).

All the best!


My friend, please do not be so emotional with the attitude to my opinions which I express here. My opinions is not a question about “with whom I” or “which side am i on”. I just see what I see. And I speak about what I see. It is obviously to me that we can write a 1001 requests for Envato here. But they just make the business. They just don’t care about 20-30 maybe 40 people here in this topic. I can complain and complain here every day but it will not change anything in my sales. And there is another one important thing: I’m sure that if someone (anyone) here who constantly complaining about low sales suddenly will have a high sales every day he just disappear from this topic immediately. And he will appear here again when his sales will again became low.

All the best too!


I’m not talking about low sales, I’m talking about the proposals of the authors. (Thread Authors)

Your answer:“My friend, please do not be so emotional with the attitude to my opinions which I express here”:
My answer: “Emotions keep to yourself”(and do not need to teach anyone here) my cold mind.

I do not support your dialogue at all.

Don’t forget that you have just spoken out (intuitively or accidentally) against these topics(for which we all fought).

Well, we will know about your opinion in the future. The conversation is closed! I got it!
Good luck to you!


My opinion is: If some bad (even ugly) things in a business works good for a businessman, a petitions against these bad things are just useless. A businessman always look to his profit counter. The profit counter is the main purpose of a businessman. So if a bad things will good for his profit counter, a petitions against these bad things are just useless. He just don’t care about these petitions. Sorry, but it is just my hold opinion. Of course I can mistake.

p.s. Please do not say “we” when it was only your conclusion. It looks like a manipulation. And I didn’t teach you. I just politely requested. Good luck to you too.


Absolutely true here and written from your words

This is not a manipulation. You said so. No need to deny your words. “I hope maybe someday they will hear you!” :slight_smile:I’m lying? :sweat_smile:

You wrote it yourself!

Petitions against these things are useless, because you do not have your opinion (Ashot-Danielyan-Composer).(you are only ready to go for what other authors will do for you).

Just wait and do not contribute to the opinion of the total number of authors! :sweat_smile:


What is the connection between particular my words: “I hope maybe someday they will hear you” with your words: “Well, we will know about your opinion in the future.”? When I said about the manipulation I mean particular these your words: “Well, we will know about your opinion in the future”. Because you wrote “we” but it was only your conclusion.

Also please stop provoking a conflict. Especially considering particularly your reputation here as a reputation of a provoker.


I ended the conversation with you 2 more messages above, do not be a troll! :blush: Especially considering your troll reputation!


Well… The conversation with you definitely was not pleasant to me. And yes, let’s close this dialogue permanently.


Read above! (I ended the dialogue) :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:. Unclear? “The conversation is closed! I got it!(4333)”
Good luck to you! :blush:


Sale from Cambodia, wow. Things are getting better! :sweat_smile:


Horrible month so far. Also, in regards to elements impacting AJ, here’s some stats to get a picture of what’s going on. This is the charts based on the popularity of google searches on google trends.

And they said elements wouldn’t affect the AJ marketplace? Okay, sure. :confused:


In the last month I’m somewhere between a small latte and large coffee. Just starting out though, looking forward to momentum as I keep going.


The horror! All tracks uploaded in the last month. 0 sales! Envato, what’s going on?