AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Still dry, still no sales, but head is up…
Uploading to other markets too…


Me and Nonzerobot seem to have the same pattern most of the time.
Yesterday was my best day as well and this month alone i have allready made more then in december.
And just like Nonze, the buyers from the states are back and in first position on my earnings list again.

I still have NO clue why this fluctuates so much, but at last it things are looking up again. keep hope guys and gals!


You are not alone :slight_smile: Yesterday best day as well and no, half of Dec but very promising and yes, US is back on Top 2.

Surfing on the same wave with next month target: Elite :wink: .


US as always is on Top 1 for me but Europe is missing again… and that makes the negative difference for me in 2019 :confused:


We are not able to change this situation… I produce tracks every day, but still not results


Same here. Maybe when “Valentine’s Day” ends, all will change. The priorities might be different nowadays.


Sope you’re right…



I’ll also buy this book this week. The price of it for Kindle is less than a single one of my sound effects, so it seems pretty fair to me. Of course, marketing books alone won’t turn us into millionaires overnight, but after reading @Sound-Spark-LLC posts and yours, I feel like this one is probably worth the ticket. Seems perfect for people with a short attention span such as… me.


Quantum entanglement or something. :alien:

But seriously, good to hear that you’re doing better too. :sunglasses::metal:


Today it´s more a wave trough…where is the big one incomming again?


After my best day yesterday, today has not started yet on my side… Still early though.


Sales are…

But at least, we got Stone Roses. :heart:
Good luck to all the rest of this month.


Because it’s my turn now :smile:


Exactly the same here… nothing yet.
This is getting weird… like you are me in some kind of parallel dimension.


I love your tracks! (I do not know if it’s useful) but still producing music …


Stop it! I’m afraid now. :sweat_smile::alien: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have the exact same feeling!


Hahaha! Logical. :wink:


Get a room you two :heart_eyes: