AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


I hope yo are right. I do wonder if its Google as every site for me currently is the worst ever Feb when this month is usually good.

I still get my sounds comng up in the search here so buyers can still see. To wake up Monday and still see no sales after Friday is a first. Really hoped for something today.


Same here. But when i check my 2018 sales., I see a serious decline in February. So i had a hunch that said there will be a decline in sales in February 2019. But in March sales increased dramatically. We’ll see if the history repeats itself or not.


Its cold comfort at least to know I am not the only one suffering but something drastic has happened.


13 sales for 11 days. For me this is the second month, when sales fall by 2 times!!! Sadly…


Popular files are not recovering since December, it’s enough to have 13 sales to get there. Very strange


Only 6 sales in February for 11 days. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I can’t even imagine what to do next, or write new tracks or actively look for another source of income for this month.


Mid of the month: Bye bye USA - welcome Germany :slight_smile:


Last thursday I had 4 sales and I was like :open_mouth::slightly_smiling_face: Zero sales from then on. Good luck to you all ! May sales skyrocket :rocket:


Where is the sales?! Hello? What’s going on? Approves every day but no sales…


After a not bad start of the last week, 6 days without sales…


1 sale in about a month. Took a bit of a break over Christmas and in the beginning of Jan so that’s partly to blame for my lack of sales but this is getting kinda brutal. Other sites are even more dead, I uploaded my entire AJ portfolio to Envatos main competitor and a few other sites including edits (so like 60 items), that was over a week ago and literally nothing still.

I don’t want to get the impression that I’ve joined this scene right as it’s no longer viable as a full time income for anyone new but it’s a damn hard feeling to shake atm :confused:

Either way good luck guys!


The subscription model won’t go away but the market is becoming saturated (in my opinion) with this business model. I wish Envato would make an effort to be more innovative rather than trying to beat the competition on price. There is certainly plenty of room for it and I’ve seen no shortage of great ideas on the forums here alone.


Cool! hopefully you’ll get some great ideas from it. I’m by nooo means any kind of marketing expert but yeah… some stuff really stuck out like a sore thumb to me in that book and reminded me of Envato.

I was hoping I might see some sales for Monday but nope, still quite dead over here.


Third best day of February today. Good chances to equal January earnings or do better. I should never complain too early in a month. :sunglasses:


Awesome news! Grats :slight_smile: keep up the positive news, I needed that inspiration atm.


Thanks to a few other sales tonight, my «third best day of February» is now my best this month. :sunglasses:

Not sure if it’s a sign of things to come, but it shows that buyers still visits this place. Keep your hopes. Good luck! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! :slight_smile: yeah I just had a look at the Dance music tab too and actually doesn’t seem too bad in terms of saturation on there and things are selling! Might mainly focus on making dance music from now on with the odd corporate or cinematic soundtrack + logos and see how that goes.

And thanks mate :slight_smile: same to you!


On a side note, USA sales are back on top on my side. So maybe things are gradually returning to normal, on this front, also?


Got two sales in this month, both are niche items, other markets are doing better though. And yes, USA is back, it is good.


Still absolutely dead bar a couple of tiny sales yesterday but at least there is hope if you are seeing sales.