AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Utter garbage.


As predicted… dead!




February 2019 just might turn into my worst month EVER!
Never thought I’d see this…
Glad that sales are coming back for a lot of you though, mates!


Hang in there! Still a bit more than two weeks in February. Things can still change. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: :beers:


Still nothing for me… the review time going up again is worrying too. Trying to find the best balance of quality and quantity atm because tbh I’m still trying to find my niche so I’ve decided I need to upload a lot because I actually have no idea what the market may or may not like. Still obviously going to strive for quality though and work extra hard on that, but I also need to learn a lot more so yeah… expect a messy portfolio on my end lol, hopefully I manage to find some kinda niche that actually works.


Judging by the statistics of February 2018 (for me), sales appeared after February 19 as well as a very low amount of sales at the beginning of the month… This year, while the same picture as in that (day by day), it remains to believe that sales will return at the end of the month.


tks for info, got a ton of items pending for the second half of the month so fingers crossed.


Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. I guess they affect the sales. We’ll see in a couple of days.


I don´t remember the smell of a new sale.

But at least i got… :sweat_smile:


I admire your optimism but with my sales on their backside since last week I feel quite the opposite.


I respect your feeling (and that of ChoclateFix). I guess the proverbial half-full versus half-empty glass is at play here. I simply try to see it through the specter of realism this time, because my own complaints (earlier this month) were mostly made of insecurities and not based on the unpredictable twists and turns of reality. :slight_smile:


Got accepted item and got it sold few minutes later. :sunglasses: Still hoping for better times, 3 sales this week so far…


I’m selling about 30% less tracks than year ago, I have circa 30% less views but thanks to ADP and higher prices I do not have any drop in earnings.

I’m especially happy with my “premium” unique and less commercial tracks which have prices between 40-100$ and attract buyers with bigger wallet. I do not sell lots of them, they are just a nice and satisfacting addition which can be higher in the future.

In my opinion this might be a way for some authors who would like to focuse more on a high quality niche (e.g. video games) than mass yt video audio backgrounds. ADP made this model more profitable so I expect growing number of such authors and buyers. Some changes in AJ UI would be helpful as current system favors popular genres and makes it hard to find unique high quality tracks.


We’re at the mercy of international economic fluctuations, seasonal fluctuations, trends & needs fluctuations, plus many other ever-morphing factors, in my opinion.

That said, I’m guilty of trying to decipher logical patterns too, sometimes, but I’m not even sure if it’s of any help. Too many influential aspects to analyze for my poor little brain. :sweat_smile:


A big ++ to this. With the introduction of Elements, uniqueness/quality are likely to be the most important attributes for the type of buyers that AudioJungle is going to need to survive as a market place.


If you so believe in the “capped sales” theory, why not run a little test?

Take one of your items that you know has a reasonable position in a particular search.

Have a friend “try” to buy the item. Or have them buy it, if they have a legitimate use for it.

Unless your item somehow becomes invisible, or if they are unable to complete the purchase for any reason during the process, and this test can be run on multiple items with similar results, then maybe just maybe you’re on to something.



The same… gigantic drop from 7th


Yep, guilty of that too. Sometimes I feel all it does is make me change my mind on how to approach the market about 5 times a day since there’s too much info to adjust to lol. Still going to do it though, just out of some obsessive need to try and understand it all, even if it is hopeless :sweat_smile:


Empty week. Very few purchases since Sunday, 10.