AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Not bad week

1 sale per day so far


Last sale was 5 days ago… Hate those slumps, mates! I hope so much that my luck changes, with the upcoming weeks and months!
:four_leaf_clover: :slot_machine: :four_leaf_clover:


Well, predictions seem promising



Maaaaan hahaha! I wish it could go down like that!


I wish you a better than horrible week among February’s remaining weeks. You have useful stuff in your portfolio. Plus, your latest atmospheric tracks are all good. Quality is at the rendez-vous, so, it should be recognized in due time. Good luck to you!


I’ve been uploading literally 3 month a new item per day…I thought that will somehow increase sales…but now it’s 4th February and 0 sales…Don’t upload new items too often guys


16 new items…0 sales on each of them


First sale this month and it was a new track :slight_smile:, the older ones are still dead :skull_and_crossbones:


20 days without sales… :sweat:


Portfolio 250 items. No sales. That’s all I wanted to say…


A decent start, but since the next day something goes really wrong. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Very slow start of the month. Only 4 sales.


Wow, it’s February already!
Almost forgot that it’ time for…BOOOO HOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!



17 days with no sale. I understand I need to up my game but this is the longest I’ve gone with no sale since I started uploading in September and it’s starting to get a bit worrying. Hopefully adding new items will help.

To any veterans, are these slumps normal before things pick up again?


About four years ago, I would sell several tracks a day a few times a week. Every once in a while a week might pass without a sale, which would make me wonder what was wrong.

The number of authors has increased dramatically, along with the total number of uploads.

As far as picking up again, it depends on what your definition of normal is.

It has become more difficult to sell tracks consistently in the last few years. I think that’s a combination of increased competition here at AudioJungle, but also more competition from other websites that sell RF music.


Of course Slumps are normal! Don’t listen to them, @RobertSlump! You’re just as normal as everyone else!!! Don’t let them bring you down…


Yeah, they’re normal. Expecting consistent sales without constantly releasing new content is unrealistic these days, unless you’ve struck gold with a top seller track. My first year (2015) was a constant battle to stay afloat. I had to upload 4-5 tracks per month to keep things steady. Then again things were different back then. Nowadays the increased competition and saturation means everyone has to work twice as hard to stand out.


Ah sounds like the golden days! I wish I joined a few years ago. tbh I’m after trying to make maybe $200 a week across several sites so I’m not after crazy money (although it would be nice :sweat_smile:). Just everywhere seems to be dead for me atm :frowning:


Ah thanks for the reassurance!!! Yeah I’m gunna keep soldering on regardless… tbh I feel like music is the only thing I can do so almost got no choice haha… just wanted to double check though :slight_smile: Is Feb known for being slow?


Same here. Not sure what I’m going to do when AJ dries up, lol. I’m 21 and other than music I don’t have much else on my resume haha.

Not really. This is what’s leading me to think that Elements is finally starting to have a palpable effect on AJ. Before the re-design of the Popular Files page you were able to look back in time at previous years’ data. I know for a fact that sales across the board were significantly higher this time last year and the year before.