AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


It’s still fun today. You just have to bring your A game to generate sales consistently. Work at making great, versatile music for its intended purpose (to support video), and market it & promote it as much as possible. It takes more effort to stand out these days.


Worst start to a month in a few years for me. Hoping it turns around!


Wow! you’re only 21? Grats man what you’ve already done is impressive af!! :smiley: And ah I’m learning trailer music and game audio in the background of normal stock music as a sort of hedge if stock sites do dry up too much. Hopefully they got a year or so left though.

and :frowning: that’s a shame. I know even if I applied my portfolio almost deffo wouldn’t be accepted in its current state… glad I went non exclusive.


Not to completely derail the conversation, but I heard one of StockSounds songs on a Super Bowl commercial for yesterday.


I’m sure it will. You’ve got a great portfolio.


I heard that too. Not sure whether to think it was cool or depressing. I think… probably depressing lol


WOW!!! man I hope they got PRO on that track, imagine missing the royalty payment on that!


Thanks man, I appreciate it =)


Thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s an awesome area to be working in. My personal dream is to eventually get into scoring games. Making music for AJ is great and I’m super grateful for the opportunities the site has brought me, but treating music as a science rather than an art form does begin to wear you down creatively. :sweat_smile:

I think Envato went with sheer sales as a determining factor for getting in to Elements for their first batch of authors. That said, I’m sure they’ll be out looking for new talent, so I imagine it won’t be long before you’ll join us. My best advice would be to bulk up your portfolio as much as you can, and if you’ve got a niche you can use to stand out from the crowd, make the most of it. (I know for a fact you have an affinity for EDM, so I would leverage that as much as possible :wink: )

A good AJ portfolio these days is, in my opinion, 50% music of a popular genre (corporate, cinematic, etc), 30% of your special niche, and 20% random niche genres.


Yeah game audio is very lucrative! At least once you’re in it haha. I’m dabbling with middleware making adaptive music on FMOD mainly and joined a few indie game groups, but tbh most indie rev share groups are just for experience because from what I’ve seen you rarely see any money from them. I’m sure you could leverage your AJ profile a decent amount to get contract work from the more serious indie devs though!

And ah tks man! :slight_smile: But yeah I deffo get what you mean about treating music as a science haha, already feel myself doing that. And I’ll deffo keep working on my EDM stuff though! :smiley: Thanks for the advice mate :slight_smile:


The realization of your age is inspiring, motivating and depressing at the same time :joy: You won life man :slight_smile:


@RobertSlump Your music is amazing Rob !!! I changed my account from exclusive to non-exclusive. I have tracks with zero sales here, but they are doing very well elsewhere. All the best mate


After a reasonable start absolutely dead.


same here


Hey thanks! And good to hear your tracks are doing good elswhere DPM!
I might be forced to look into other sites as well, but i really like focusing on one marketplace and the way AJ works.


haha, well cheers AarusAudio!
At least someone that sees something positive in me :wink:


In my portfolio bunch of tracks and everything hangs like a “dead weight”. Cool, no sales!


By far the worst start of the month in years. I have to agree with @AurusAudio that we’re finally starting to experience the damage of Elements on the markets. As a matter of fact, a couple of clients I work for in sound post-production gigs do no longer buy music here, but neither they became new Elements members as they were already subscribed for stock footage and graphics, so it was a lose-lose situation.

What’s most disappointing for me is that they’re tenaciously and aggresively doing whatever they can to drive our costumers away, being absolutely insensitive to the fact that through the years many of us based a good part of our economies in this market. Couldn’t they focus on the extarnal marketing strategies in stead of cannibalizing AJ. I’m convinced this is not a good move for them either.

Anyway, this is what’s left. Feast on the bones. Yay! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Have you asked them why they are just using Elements now? Is it because they can find everything they need there?

Lately I’ve been looking for stock videos, and then quickly realising that Elements is very limited, and works much as intended, providing “elements”.

But how does customers really experience Elements when it comes to music? Is it safe to say that most company customers and freelance video producers can get what they need there?

Would be interesting to know why your contacts does not shop at the market anymore. I suspect it to be more of the massive offering Elements/Music give rather than that they are on a low budget?


You’ve got some reasonable points there, and thanks for the optimism dose! :slight_smile: Still not a darn sale, though…

In these particular cases I’m referring to (2 production houses), they shoot most of their footage so I guess they go to Elements for graphics, animated titles, lower thirds and that sort of stuff.

Regarding the limitations of the catalog, I don’t really know and I don’t feel really confortable asking them. These people mostly produce non-broadcasted educational training modules, talking heads, health promotion campaigns, etc., so it’s not like they’re after the next mind blowing blockbuster music track. Normally a nice subtle piano music bed does the job just fine. So, even in a decent budget, why would they spend ~$150 in 6 or 7 tracks for a 20 minutes video when they can simply grab as many as they want completely free.