AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


At the end a good start in January with 60 sales.
Cross fingers to reach Elite in two month.


Wow! tracks must be good love to check your profile


January 2019 ended up a bit better than Jan 2018, but still not as good as expected. Good luck to everyone in February!


January was so dead but the last week it picked up thankfully with a few big licenses sales so im happy. Today they already took out the money for January and a few minutes after I made my first sale of January 31/February :slight_smile:


Jan 2018 - 30 sales
Jan 2019 - 12 sales

But thanks to ADP they were equal :stuck_out_tongue:


Last year was much less profitable than 2017 in terms of sales number (that directly affects income from AdRev and PRO) although I was naively believed for always ongoing revenue growth, until I saw statistics at the end of 2018… The percentage of US sales has decreased dramatically for the last 1-1.5 years. January sales are almost two times worse than in January 2018. This January is also anti-record for a three years for me.


Just passing through with some BOO HOO HOOO!


I notice more and more that music is becoming a sport //// :joy:


So. Let’s summarize for January. 4 sales. It’s awful!


January 14 sales

not bad for me (i start selling something here on july), i sell mostly SFX


January was below average and this last week has been a disaster with a all time low in sales.
I have NO clue what i have to do to turn this around, but i have just released 4 tracks and i have 6 more in the qeue.
I am trying new tags and titles on my items, social media etc… but nothing seems to work at the moment and i feel that i am in the hands of a Marketplace that can just change within a few hours without me being able to do something to stay relevant.

I hate being negative, but i also need to be realistic and seeing as how i make a living out of this, I am not sure if i can continue down this path anymore… i am very worried about this Marketplace.


January was the worst month of all my time since march 2012, when i got 4 sales. Now i have 1 sale. This situation is absolutely abysmal.


Feb starts with a Mass Reproduction License :grinning: Go Go Go


January - I don’t wanna talk about this…
February starts and I got first sale. Moreover from my own country. So let’s hope for sth better…

Thank you dear buyer ! Dziękuje :slight_smile:


No sales in 14 days. But I did upload mostly niche tracks (probs too niche) the past 6 weeks. Starting to make more ‘in demand’ styles now and also working on getting my production value higher. Hopefully results start showing up by next month. :ok_hand:


Elite shore ahead!


At the beginning of January there were several sales, then sales were once every 3-4 days, and everything would be bad, but one sale of Musical Broadcast Film made January the usual average month for earnings and 24 sales … February - 2 sales here, I hope for good luck :slight_smile:


Absolutely dead begging of the Febriary


January went ok for me but this month completely dead so far


Horrible week.