AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


One sale in 2 weeks. I only have one thing to say about the Christmas period atm… bah humbug!! :sweat_smile:


The beginning of this month is awful. 3 days - 0 sales. Help!!!


3 sales in the New Year and is planned 4! If the buyer keeps his word!

Let’s see the answer in 24 hours or 48! :blush: I hope he will keep his word! :wink: Likes are welcome! :blush:
Good luck to all!

I caught him at the word (so to speak)!


That´s because of Elements. :wink: :joy:


In the basket? Ahahahaha. :rofl:


Who really cares about sales when you can go surfing on 3th January without a wetsuit… :heart::joy:


Wow! Cool! Is that today’s photo? We have ice on the river (and near lake sites) and white bears walk on the ice! :blush:

I’m not kidding, this is serious, so it is, they go out to fish in thawed patches! The end of December, the whole of January, the beginning of February!


Yes, we are on 21º C. This is the weather we are having all the winter.
But i would like to go to see those white bears (from the distance, of course :joy:)


¿Dónde andas?


Tenerife. Donde vivo.


I have a smartphone in repair since the beginning of December, but I see polar bears at least once a week (live), I will definitely take a photo or video for you in real time (when my smartphone is repaired)! I promise you! Photos will be! I don’t know how soon, the sellers of work with malfunctions in the smartphone, they powder my brain for 1 month already! I paid a lot of money 50% of the cost almost and still they have not done it to me :frowning: I pay money and there, is no work for a month!


That must be amazing!! Can watch them! :heart:


There is a famous song from Grauzone called “white bear”. :smiley:


I do not have a white bear, but there is a white horse! :laughing:


HAhahaha For sure that white horse sell more than me this year in AJ… :joy:


I saw bears only on TV. On weekends I ride equestrian sports. This is a pleasant experience, it helps to forget about music and sales. :laughing:


I love the animal world and I can not even think to fight with animals.


Clear! :blush:


I fight with my cats when i try to sleep and they start to play… at midnight! :joy:


At night, I send the cats to sleep on the veranda. Otherwise I will not sleep! :laughing::laughing::laughing: