AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Hi dudes and dudettes, here are the numbers of my Q4 from 2015-2018 . It is obvious what happened to sales, but remember that item price has been uprising since 2014 and I must say that ADP saved my year. Increasing the price of my item was the best thing of 2018. I upload 2 tracks per week since 2015 on different niches/categories, always trying to deliver something different to the jungle

I will always be grateful to Envato, as they gave me the opportunity to make money with my music, something unimaginable in my country. Of course I wish things were different (less copycats, less fraudulent accounts, etc) but it happens in every aspect of life. This world is so crazy, so many people hungry and inequality everywhere, I can’t complain about my “first world problems”

I wish you a happy new year, most of all, health and prosperity for you and your family.
Regards from Argentina


2018 was a year full of challenges, the standard was higher and we had fiercer competition.
Hoping that 2019 will do good for us all.

Happy new year everyone!


I never produce that kind of stuff if you are referring to me. I hate it.


Healthy balance of niche items + generic cliche ones + consistency (uploading at least twice a week) + very high standards seems to be the key. Sustaining all that is of course easier said than done but that’s what I’ve got noted down as aims going into the new year.

I have heard that focusing on just one niche and owning it is the best thing to do these days but imo that seems a bit risky. In an ideal world it’d work, and it deffo does for some, but finding a niche that sells consistently is very hard and requires a tad of luck I feel. So at least till you find your niche that really works, ticking all boxes seems to be key.


0 sales this year Australian time, totally depressed. :joy:

I am still on 2018, but just for 3 hours. Happy new year to all the people who celebrate today.
And the rest, happy new day! Every new day is a new opportunity.



Business Year 2019, for me, has not yet begun! (there was a 28 days break at my place, I was lazy). But on the other hand, out of 180 tracks in my portfolio, there’s nothing to buy? (I uploaded 3 tracks already) + 2 tracks will be ready tomorrow and uploaded. I am depressed, the lack of sales and the huge work is to blame! New Year did not decorate my negative experience!((


Be positive and patient! Sales will come after the mid of this month! Don’t expect too much traffic these days…


Thank you, I am always absolutely impatient, but I will follow your advice, bro! :wink:


First sale of the year! Thanks Poland!
Good luck to everyone for the new year!


Sorry to hear that, family issues definitely affects our work and life (which is more important) but I am glad that you are strong to over come that and I am sure that your wife and close friends will give you the inspiration to have a good year.

The same goes to everyone, wish you all an excellent new year, with health, love and sales :raised_hands:


Happy New Year, dear friends! I hope the market on our beloved AJ platform will stabilise soon and the upward climb will continue in our favour! But most importantly i wish all of you the greatest health and many romantic dates with lady muse :wink:
Got a first sale of 2019, can’t wait to compose more and more this year! Good luck, mates!
:four_leaf_clover: :pray: :four_leaf_clover:


Happy New Year guys. I’ve made the first sale of 2019 as well.
Keep your head high and do your best. Good luck to everyone for the new year.


9 days without a sale!

Keep up the awesome work, Manrique! :joy:


9 days are nothing before the eternity bro! :stuck_out_tongue: Happy new year with lots of sales!


I dont want to know what eternity means… :rofl:


Some funny stories!
I received a video from 1994! At that time I worked as a street musician. Wow, how I laughed!


I thought that uploading new stuff would solve the no sales problem, but no sign of improvement :disappointed:
it’s hard not to completely lose motivation. good luck and plenty of sales to everyone !


Happy new year to everyone! No sales for 2019. Good luck to all!


My last December was the best month ever


Ehmmmm, 2019? U there?