AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


It is also an option! :wink:


Pumped up most of the prices to the level of a stock music site that i am moving to. I guess, since i never had great sales here, there is nothing to lose. December was too cruel to continue my modest journey in the same way i always did. Hope i’ll be back in a few months with a better understanding of what works better specifically on AJ (dont wanna spend my time and reviewers time just to get poor results again). Thanks for your support guys and wish you well!


Absolutely dead.


So far, a sluggish start to 2019. Looking back to last year, my January turned out considerably better than originally expected, so here’s hoping things pick up next week :slight_smile:


0 Sales almost 6 days. 6 days break in sales was only in my very beginning of using AJ. And it was a year ago. Well, after 1 year I can see the same thing. But a year ago I’ve got 4-5 tracks in my portfolio, but now 111 tracks… Something is wrong in the system, but maybe everything is normal because AJ became a service with subscription plan. And it means that AJ became like a dozens other sites with subscription plans. Any thoughts?

BTW, It is interesting what is the profit of an artist who get money only from subscription (I mean not Envato market only, but any other markets). I think it is not impossible to have a good profit from a sales via subscriptions… Maybe I’m wrong.


The month began very slowly, only 3 sales since the beginning of the month!!! Let’s see, January was always weak. But still managed to get over 50 sales.


I uploaded 2 brutal epic trailers… - …nothing… and just sold 3 years old cue :smiley:


my is)




I guess people aren’t really using audiojungle anymore like its dead or something who knows we could get a bunch of new people just saying.


I still do not release sales this year, is it something general?


yesterday was my first sale of the year, today the second!!!


I have 0 sales from December 30. Almost week without any sales…


Absolutely dead.


sales from 2015 to now. I don’t wanna complain but this is rediculous, less sales despite dozens of uploads.




I’ve had no sales since Christmas. I do hope this year sales will grow. At least 2018 was better than 2017 for me, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.


I think people are looking for a type of sound like certain types of styles that most people on here don’t have.


Are your sure? There are more than 470.000 tracks here… :wink:


Yeah im pretty sure like most people are looking for custom music.


Custom music for things like low budget promotional videos or quick TV snippets doesn’t really make sense imo so I doubt it. There’s just more competition both in terms of new artists and other websites by the looks.