AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Tragic sales this week… Probably most people spent a lot of cash on Cyber Mondays, Black Fridays and promotions like these, so no money left for us, AJ authors! We need some sales badlyyyyy! :pray: :four_leaf_clover: :pray:


I must say, this week has been very strange. In the first half I’ve earned almost 1000$, which is incredible and breaks all my personal records by far. But then, things went silent. I don’t know how is that even possible


I don´t reach in all month to 100$… :joy::joy::sweat_smile:


I do not have 50$ this month! :sweat_smile:



Believe me, this is not normal at all, and I don’t earn anywhere near that in a normal week… But sales just came out of nowhere in the first half of the week, and a lot of big broadcast licenses included. I thought this is it, here comes my big breakthrough! But then, neeeeh, everything stopped. It’s like Envato is trolling me :smiley:


I got that and take holidays for the rest of the month… :grin::joy:


$1000 is really not a bad result for one week :slight_smile: :smiley:


A psychologists often says: If you want something very very much it will never come, because your addiction from your desire is very strong. Try to be distracted a bit, try to let go your desire a bit. And you will get what you want. It is working for me when I really can create a distance between my desire and me. But I know it is not so easy. But sometimes I manage it. :slight_smile:


I am a progressive realist but not a psychologist. They say that chickens are milked … Anything can happen! :wink:


Ok, but don’t tag Envato in such a post. Next time when we need real help, they won’t respond or take us seriously. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


I do what I see fit! :wink: I see nothing wrong with that. Do you think otherwise?


Epic Emptiness is the name of my last sold track, which describes perfect the situation with the sales this month :slight_smile: But is nothing new, there are such periods here :slight_smile: Just forget about the results and take your focus on doing something creative :wink:


@CleanMagicAudio needs real help, maybe TOO MUCH real help. :wink: :joy:


Please do not control what I write. I do not follow you and what you write I do not blame. No need to correct me on my words, I’m an adult! OK?


Thank you bro! My tracks must be sold, so I am writing to Envato(they) to see my message! $33 for December compared to other months is not entirely clear to me. Where did such a big decline come from sales?


Cool, ok! :wink:


Who knows… That happenned to me one year ago, from around 50 sales per month to 17 in December, 15 in January, 20 in February, etc…
I had to recalculate my average this year.



Not normal, I think.
2018 is not a year but sheer grief. Uploads more this year…


I wish that you dont go where i am in sales.
Lets think it is just a bump.