AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


I will also say if you do not know html then you can right-click and see the code (page code / edit html). There you will see all the necessary codes html (which are present in the design of pages).


Not dead


No sales so far in December…


Vеееery slow start of the month. :turtle::snail:


Elements = Death to my sales.


Yes +1 for $5. Lower prices bring nothing except the counter. :wink: I can not wait when I will clean them and complete the advertising move…:joy: Who as, but I am not happy with the low price tag (he is quite poor)(but here I am guilty). :rofl:


Low prices, absolute nonsense. Spend your time, your strength, your creativity, just to donate. I’m not here for that. :man_shrugging:


I confirm! I already understood about my mistake! But since I made a discount offer, I need to to clench one’s teeth until December 10, so as not to deceive the buyer!


Super slow week, i just can’t believe how slow it is!
Cmon SALESSSSS, come to us!


Yeah, it’s It’s pretty quiet…


absolutely dead!!


Are you sure Elements is to blame? Maybe it is only a slow period?

Because if it was the main reason for a drop in sound effects sales, I guess I would also take a hit, but it’s not the case (I sell at an okay speed since the start of December).


Do you know how many percent ish of your sfx sales that are multi use licenses?


It’s hard to give you a precise percentage these days, because I think I haven’t found the right price tag for my multi-use licenses yet.

Since the ADP change, I sell fewer of those licenses, but I plan to revise my strategies at some point in the month. It was never 50/50, that’s for sure. I take the multi-use licenses sales as a cool bonus when they happen. :slight_smile:


Even the “featured track” of the week has only 3 sales yet.
After a great November, the December looks really lame.
Hope the next two weeks will boost and finish an outstanding year of revenue.
2019 Elite I´m coming :wink:


Yes, guys, what is happening now is a real hat!


And apparently will be even worse… No. I do not dramatize,


Well I was doing much better after re-pricing my sounds until elements kicked in.


I was saying this, because as far as I’m aware, only a fraction of the sound effects from AudioJungle are offered at Elements (at least, for now).

For the time being, Elements doesn’t seem to have too much effect on my stats (I’m still having relatively normal sales today (on par with November).


35% of the sound effects is on Elements - that must have an impact on sales for Audio Jungle.