AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


It’s dark and silent over here, December haven’t started for me yet. BOO-HOO-HOO! (Boo-Hoo-Hoo! boo-hoo-hoo!* Echoes)



I am still learning.Is this technique somewhat similiar to side-chain?

P.S. So far no sales.


Dudes, do not stop trying BOO-HOO-HOO, yesterday a sale works …

I will repeat BOO-HOO-HOO!!!


Yup, maybe I will make a tutorial or something


Why so much authors so waiting for Monday with desire to a sales exactly in Monday? I’m already 1 year in AJ and I can remember maybe 1-2 times when Monday was really with good with sales. Usually Monday is just 0 sales for me…


1 sale for 4 days. Bad start of the month!


2 sales for December. Not cool at all. :cry:


0 sales


With good prices, two sales are not bad! :wink:


Back to the good old boohoohoo :sob:


I do not know whether to rejoice or cry … Sales have grown a little. 5-7 per month. but two tracks in a row rejected …


@KakaduCreation What is the difference I still do not sell anything at any price. :joy: 2 sales = 0 sales for me. :joy: The tap is closed.


@CleanMagicAudio My life hack! When I lost sales, I greatly raised prices and immediately received several sales at a high price! That was great!




Sales are almost going backwards


Still dead, 2 days. One gets the impression that now in order to get at least 1 sale on this grief market one needs to be an extra-lucky person. Clear disappointment from the fact that there is a complete paralysis of sales for me! I want to believe in the best, but so far everything is terrible!


first sale after 4 days


Absolutely dead.


Hooray, the tap is open! Meditations and Yoga are on sale again! I believe in you Envato! :sunglasses: More active Envato, active and everything will be in chocolate! :wink: (Envato not slow down the pace of, waiting and working). Envato, sell faster!:wink: Act and move(hope is still with us)!


Things are moving slowly in the Broadcast licenses... yet again! thread

So in the meantime me and @Purplefogsound have put together a litte temporary broadcast info box you can include in your items if you want. Below is the html code I´ve used. If it´s possible to post html code without it being triggered here let me know. It would be interesting to see if this has any impact, of course many won´t read it, but some should in theory. The more authors try this, the more data we will have to see if its having any significant effect. :slight_smile:


On topic: Absolutely dead.