AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Of course, but the impact seems pretty minimal, for the time being (on my side).

  • Many sound effects buyers are one time shoppers, so most of these won’t become subscribers.

  • Another segment of my clients are semi-pro video editors. Those need precise sounds for whatever projects they are working on (almost an endless variety of themes). I guess a substantial portion of them will subscribe, but many will realize that they still need the variety found at the classic market.

  • Pro video editors (I do some video edition) have their habits and value their time. They might subscribe, but may not like searching in two different markets. I guess many will still go straight where the biggest number of sounds is: at the traditional AudioJungle market.

That said, I’m preparing to see a bigger Elements impact on my sales at some point, but I think that, in many situations, the two markets won’t appeal to the same kind of clients.

I would’ve preferred that Elements never existed, but maybe it will not become the evil monster which many authors are having nightmares about. :slight_smile:


Note to self: Make more and more niche sounds for 2019.


I have copied the words from your note, then pasted them to a virtual post-it right in the middle of my PC screen. :wink:

Niche will certainly be of great help in these turbulent times, but don’t overlook the power of common sounds. A balance between these two worlds is what keeps my little business alive.


I can only encourage everyone to update their item description with this excellent information, kindly provided by @MojoSoundtrackMusic:

Selling mostly standard licenses and discovering that a huge amount of those licensed tracks get aired on TV is like getting your Bike stolen over and over again. Please join the conversation so Envato will notice our concernes. We are loosing money here. Everyday.


Today is December 7th and I don’t even have funds for withdrawal. So with sales it has never been bad! What is going on? I have a lot of tracks in different genres, should at least something be sold? For 1 week of December just a tiny 4 sales. On average, for 1 week I already have 10-15 sales. Something went wrong with this market.


Judging by the performance of my newest track, I won’t be uploading anything to AJ anymore until Envato can fix this shockingly poor search system. New items are just not getting enough exposure.


I definitely think the search system needs major improvements on several fronts, but at the same time I also think we have to accept that part of the problem is just the sheer volume of tracks being approved everyday, particularly in the popular genres (not forgetting the vast amount of choice already available to buyers from the existing tracks in these same genres). I’m not sure there is any approach that would give guaranteed exposure for all new tracks.


This has probably been discussed before, but if the upload limit was lets say 2-3 tracks, the new tracks number would go down significantly? Or is it a real minority of authors that fills up the whole 5 track limit?


Since, exposure means having a given track on top of the others, of course it’s not possible to guarantee exposure for all new tracks.


If the check queue is reduced and the limit is reduced to 2-3 or even 1 track for the author. That all the same, the same amount will be uploaded. Will ship less, but more often.

Although … Perhaps this would somehow affect the visibility of new items.


Good point. If the upload limit is reduced and reviewers work much slower I guess it would help… :wink:


I would consider the option of a paid upload of $ 1, this has already been discussed … first you have to pay and then upload … and if the track is not accepted, the dollar disappears, goes to reviewers’ salary for the time lost … all this will reduce the number of authors constantly rejected


I don’t know… But I think the new design of the search table is not well. Because what the client can see after search? If the name of the item has more 1-2 words or has a long words, the client will see only first word of the item especially if the author name is long (like my name) + the category is also long (Cinematic/Romantic and Sentimental for example). For example: I have the item with name Romantic Tender Inspirational, my artist name is ashot-danielyan-composer, and my category is Cinematic/Romantic and Sentimental. As you can see the long name of the item, the long name of my artist name and the long name of category. After search you will see only first 2 words of the name, also you will see my artist name and only first word of category. But! If you try to zoom your page, you will see much less. I’ve attached a two screenshots with normal page and zoomed page (125%). Just look what you see especially on zoomed page. I think it can be one of the reason of sales fall. Because the client will be listen an items with short name, short name of the author name and short name of category, because he will see all the information about track after search.


Soon there will be no check queue. Envato spoke about this in the Euro Tour. But as soon as not yet known. :wink: Therefore, they will most likely not introduce a upload limit (if I understood correctly).


Interesting idea, but a little risky that the reviewers get a bonus for rejecting tracks. Maybe send the money to advertising budget for AJ instead or something.


it’s just an example … :slight_smile:


Ashot, everything is in order on my monitors, the names are visible completely and with a scale of 125% … monitors 22 and 21.5 inches


What is your browser?




Good idea, but … I’m not sure that the authors will like it. :smiley: Sounds a little risky. :rofl: