AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


What has happened to my sales in general this month ? Something drastic after at last it was starting to climb after summer


Gradually dying …


Envato Elements includes Sound Effects which has a large category dedicated to this area. Expect your sales to be affected as it is based on a subscription based model and your Audio Jungle sales will suffer.


I don’t know or understand what Envito elements is but if it affects my sales I am interested. Why don’t Envito just leave things alone when they are working fine. Just as I started to get a sales increase the last couple of months they throw another spanner in the works. Everyone is obsessed by subscritios these days.


I have a similar pattern. In my case, I think the drop is due to a mix of Elements (I’m not a seller there), removal of Envato credits, added transaction fees and also because I was inactive for the past three months.

So, a big drop in November (the consolation prize is that it’s my third best month this year), but I have decided to take the bull by the horns and fight back anyway. I fixed myself the goal of doubling (possibly tripling) my sales before 2020. I have some kind of plan to try…

This time, I think we really need to put a lot of thinking into how to adapt to all these changes and maintain a possibility to grow. I have the feeling it won’t be super easy!



You really need to find out what Elements is super quick and how it will affect your sales, especially in the Sound Effects area. Glad I did not focus on this category.


Sales have come to a halt these last few days, with no big license sales in the last month! But i hope it will pick up for all of us, mates!


I can’t be bothered to make the effort because whatever you do here to survive, Envito manages to scupper your plans.


I don’t think Elements will affect sound effects too much (after the initial shock).

In general, video editors and game developers need to find the sounds they need quickly (for an incredibly vast diversity of projects). 16$ is a tempting and crazy price, but when they’ll realize the skeleton sound they need is not there or a flame thrower effect or an outdoor pool filtering motor noise or whatever else, many will come back to the classic AudioJungle market where they have better chances of finding a precise sound for a given project.

I think the risk is higher for music (at least, in the main popular styles).


I have two things to offer today.

  1. Gratitude to Envato for implementing author-driven-pricing. It has been extremely valuable to me, and has helped my small royalty-free music business.

  2. Condemnation of Elements. Subscription-based sales of audio will drastically undermine marketplace sales of music and sound effects if it grows and becomes the primary method for selling audio. This business model devalues your work.

If you do nothing else today, carefully read this article:

Here is an excerpt from the article that I find most applicable:

If you have a business concept that depends on a craft produced by others (music) but is centred around aggressively undermining the very same industry, how do you get that idea off the ground?

When you are greeted by the Elements banner (Unlimited audio, video and web asset downloads! From $16.50/m) every time you visit AudioJungle, it should concern you.

I am a buyer of music for my video projects and several times a week I am receiving marketing emails heavily promoting “unlimited music downloads.”

As far as I can tell, nobody is spending a whole lot of time or effort trying to get customers to visit the marketplace to buy your sound effects or music at their fair prices. That should bother you a tremendous amount.

I will now step down off of my soapbox. But, for those of you that think these two conflicting business models can comfortably co-exist, wake up. You are wrong.


I highly advise everyone to relax. If you panic and run to elements to try and make money because reviewers and PZ, etc did too…YOu will shoot yourself in the foot because you are downgrading your price. That is just a fact. 4 months now after ADP was introduced my revenue is again up in November. Even with Elements live, etc.

Patience is required. I sell less but earn more. Stick with your convictions and stay loyal to the sync license model. If you abandon “one off sync license” sales in favor of subscription BS, you will earn a lot less eventually.

Elements needs to be a very limited selection of tracks for those who have no money. If everyone starts piling into elements, no one will earn money and you will put yourself out of business.


Does everyone get this? I am not the only one making this claim. Many people have come on the discussion boards reporting that they have earned more money by raising their prices.

Just resist elements, write quality tracks, and price your tracks with pride. Accept selling less units, but enjoy more revenue! If your music really has stopped selling take a listen to the quality of the music you are releasing and do what it takes to improve your creative offering.


I am once again totally in agreement with @SteelSound. My revenue again is up this month and a few weeks ago became my best ever year on Audio Jungle (6 Years as an author). Create unique audio and it will sell. My music may not be the best but some of it is diverse enough that it sells.


@SteelSound said it far better than I did in my earlier post. Write quality tracks. Concentrate on making the best stuff you can. Value it accordingly.


There’s a boot in my snake.


Fact: I raised to $49 August 2. Every track in my portfolio. August is a slow month because the world is on vacation. I STILL improved my revenue by 100% as compared to July. That means it doubled in august. Summer was slow.

September, October, and now November are my 3 highest revenue months of 2018. These are facts my friends.

I have no idea how elements will impact my revenue in 2019. My plan is to simply ignore that market.
and yes Promosapien, it does simply undermine this market here. It’s a competing product. I truly hope it reduces AJ sales for those who decided to participate. We’ll find out soon enough I suppose. It would honestly shock me if those authors have sales unchanged here, but “extra” revenue from elements long term.


I have exactly the same experience. Only major thing I´ve done each month is to raise my prices further. I also have surprisingly steady sales numbers in general.


Yep, I do that with sfx and music (write more specialist) but Envito just reject everything that I produce with a niche appeal. For instance, I submitted a track with a WW1 theme, which if I say so myself is rather fitting for any WW1 project. It had my own SFX in the track and could have been picked up for the recent centenary but not only did Envito take too long to review, they rejected it and yet so many of the same cinematic, clappy, stompy tracks get accepted here daily. When you try and move away from the masses and make something a bit creative , while still maintaining quality Envito do not like it. I am just thankful that more open minded, creative thinking libraries take this music.


I have seen several posts from successful authors like yourself that advise to diversify, and not rely too much on any one marketplace when selling music and sound effects.

Good advice.


Anyone who relies solely on AJ for income needs therapy. Diversification is imperative. And yes AJ reviewers are foolish to reject these niche, non commercial, not always in demand tracks. They serve their place.


Pop quiz. When did I proactively begin to use ADP to help my business?