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A valid point @PurpleFogSound. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources (mainly time) to pursue every licence - I got 2 more broadcast licences since my last post - and Envato does not want to act as publisher. I would be happy to offer publishing to a brave crusader like yourself though… It’s just an idea, but have you thought about acting as publisher for other author’s works before?


Never thought about it. Wouldn’t know how, and I don’t think I’d be interested. I’m a music author. Not a good one, I’ll concede, but that’s what I am.

Anyway, this is not a publisher issue. This is an Envato issue. For some unknown reason, they have been refusing for years to clarify their definition of the audience size. This confusion is the main reason why so many 1million licenses are bought instead of the required top license. If Envato would clarify the audience size (most easily by removing numbers from the definition), this abuse would decrease dramatically and would become the exception instead of the norm.

Now, I understand that you can’t monitor every broadcast licenses you sell, but you are losing a lot of money @stardiva (of course, depending on how you priced your broadcast licenses). All just because Envato refuse to fix this mess or even discuss it with us!
Just as a FYI, I recently turned a $30 1Million Broadcast license into a $1000 Broadcast and Film license, with just an email. It radically change my October balance. I wouldn’t have had to “fight” for it, had Envato not failed us on this.


That’s how :sunglasses:


lol, fair enough!


Absolutely dead.


Oh damn! Thanks for the info! I recently sold a mass reproduction licence for a logo at $36 and was super pumped but now it seems I could have charged way more, damn! Seems Envato should change the recommended prices? They seem super low from what you guys are saying and a lot of people are probs missing out on a ton of money there.

Changing all my prices for higher tier licences now and will let u guys know if it still works for me.


Definitely, these prices are just cut and paste from how tracks were priced before ADP, in other words super low. Research other sites or authors and you will find very different prices for broadcast use.



Damn, seems very sloppy for Envato to do that. I mean they get a good cut of our sales so they shooting themselves in the foot here too. Thankfully only sold one higher tier licence so far since I’m still a noobie here so only missed out once. Damn glad I stay updated on these forums! Really, thanks for the info guys! :smiley:


Just a precision, the issue is with broadcast licenses, specifically the definition of the audience size.

The Mass Reproduction is pretty straightforward as to its terms, it shouldn’t cause the same confusion.


A record drop in sales!


Aaah fair enough. So should I charge more than the recommended for the mass reproduction licence? Or just change the broadcast licences?


Unfortunately, I cannot advise you on pricing, as it’s against the law. All I can say, is that for me the recommended prices of any licenses do not reflect the true value of my music.

This is true regardless of the broadcast licenses issue. Now regarding the broadcast license issue, the trick is to set the 1 million license at the same price as the Broadcast and Film License or the 10 million Broadcast license (depending on how ballsy you are). Doing this ensures that even if buyer is confused on the audience size you are at least paid what you are owed.

I haven’t done that and don’t think anyone has. But this is the only way not to lose money due to those confusing terms. A more timid approach, is to set this first broadcast license higher than it is but not as high as the other broadcast licenses. That way, you’re still losing money, but not as much.


Ah kk awesome, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


first sale after 24 days ahah


This month has already become my second this year in terms of earnings, and the month is not over yet :slight_smile: But comparing this year with the previous one, I also see falling sales and increasing competition … here is a comparison with 2017


Nice !!! :slight_smile: After all this rejections ! I made sale too ! After 3 weeks ! Good luck mate !!!


1.5 days without sales! Backlog from the average month of 20%. It does not make me happy. I will not celebrate the New Year! :joy:


ahahah true!!


Perhaps the lack of sales from me is a consequence of price increases. But if I lower the price, then with the same lack of sales, I will feel a complete lack of money. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


My last sale was 4 days ago, now I have new tracks in my portfolio, but those items are not sold, when I had less items and of lower quality, I had more sales …

Still I will try to keep improving, adding new tracks and different material to my portfolio.