AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Happy for you! I am still just perplexed as to why many very talented authors stay at $20 a track.


That’s great, but don’t forget you sell on a marketplace that takes a sales volume as the main factor in ranking. So, if you sell less and others sell more, your track will sink deeper and deeper in the search engine and eventually it will be very hard to find you. Because of that, I try to find a sweet spot where I don’t lose sales because of the price.

This could be solved by changing ranking factors from sales volume to the actual gained revenue per track. It was suggested a couple of times, and I support that idea.


I honestly do not think you can make that statement as 100% factual. I have sold licenses on tracks that seemed to sink into the abyss, but out of nowhere, people have paid $49 for them. I still will ignore “units sold” and focus on “revenue”. More revenue is all that matters is it not?


Show Me The Money.


One way to get sustained visibility in this search engine is actually to price higher, so few authors do this, so the higher (or normal as I like to call it) price area is very unsaturated. Some customers actually search for higher prices, just to save time, trouble and find quality easier. I believe.


Yes, that’s true.
But generally speaking, “I have less sales but more revenue” is not sustainable long term approach in this market, it’s not that simple. The whole AJ is very focused on the number of sales, that’s why we have files on the top charts for years.


That’s because of what @MojoSoundtrackMusic said. Some people search for the higher priced items. Also, it doesn’t mean that nobody will find you. Some people spend days finding a perfect track. But the fact is, if you have more sales you’ll go up in the default “best match” and “best selling” search, and in the popular charts.

Let’s say you have two items with the same title, both 6 months old. One gets 20 sales/month, and the other gets only 2 sales/month. The first one will be ranked much higher, it’s simple.

Yes, more revenue is all that counts, but sales number may affect your revenue eventually because of the less exposure in the search engine.

We need to switch from number of sales to revenue gained (combined with the upload date and some other factors to make it fair for the new tracks) to solve this problem. Very important. This way we can also avoid the 5$ tracks in the top charts.
Until that happens, I think it’s best to find the sweet spot where the price is as high as possible without losing a lot of sales.


I think you are “over thinking” this. But I do agree the popular files area “2018’s Best Selling Music and Audio - updated weekly” -should reflect how much money a track earns verses units sold. Let the $5 tracks sell 30 times. who cares? The author makes $25!!! LOL! I sell one at $49 and earn more. This debate is over based on that alone.


Well, I care. :slight_smile: And I think everyone should care.
Take a look of what’s happening with the Christmas tracks now. Dirt cheap tracks ranked above everything else, and taking the exposure from people that deserve it.


It’s called “competition” and “Strategy”. I found what works well for me. So I will stick with it and ignore the “noise” of $5 tracks. $5 tracks from the competition have not reduced my revenue.


Yes, this would be the most sustainable solution for sure. Seems like a no brainer for me.

I agree, I do however think the sweet spot is quite higher than most authors think. Only way to find out is by experimenting and having a good dose of patience. So many other factors that influence sales than just price.


Yes, indeed. There’s a lot of headroom for the painless price increase! High quality portfolios can have very high prices without losing a lot (if any…) sales.


Interesting! How many days do I need without sales, so that I start to panic and make prices 5 bucks for all my tracks? :joy:


Now - there is no time to waste…maybe in the future you could raise it again.


I’m not ready now. I sometimes have sales for $ 39. Small compensation :sunglasses:


I was actually joking - sorry!


I did not doubt it at all :grinning:


No disrespect intended, but I think that “people that deserve it” is open to a lot of subjective interpretation.


I agree, I’m not saying these tracks have no musical value.
Current system is open to abuse and authors are being rewarded with more exposure for under-pricing their items.


As we have seen that the ADP system has been abused and that the popular files list for me does really reflect the quality of the music tracks - sour grapes on my behalf since I have worked hard on my Christmas offerings and now they face a lonely existence…Bah Humbug. I even got myself a Ho.