AudioJungle preview files now have meaningful names

Super useful feature​:+1: Makes life easier for customers :ok_hand:Thanks Envato !!! :clap: I can confirm that it works perfect for my 12 tracks :grinning:

Thank you very much for the update!! :slight_smile:

It is a necessary correction! Thank you, Envato!

Thank you, Envato! Very Goood!!! :slight_smile:

I haven’t posted in the forums in months, but I just wanted to chime in and say how much I appreciate this change! Thank you so much for making the ability to track where previews come from so much easier!

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Please be aware that the preview-download for several items DOES NOT WORK right now!

When pressing on the download button for the preview file, the browser offers a ‘preview.mp3’ which CAN NOT BE DOWNLOADED. Since the offered file has the old name ‘preview.np3’ I was wondering if this might have something to do with the changes?

Really usefull feature! Thank you!

Just noticed that yesterday! That’s really a great great improvement for buyers. So much time will be saved for them! :slight_smile:

@Tunediver thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’re looking into it and will update when we know more.

Thank you, Very Goood!!!


We think this has been fixed. If you notice any further issues please let us know.


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Great News!!!

Wow! helpful for buyers :wink: thanks

Great news! Thanks for the update! :grinning:


This will help our costumers to find the items again.

Very cool, thank you Envato! :confetti_ball:

It’s very nice thing! Many thanks @trent-aus !

Good news!

This is a really good idea! Now it is very easy and quick to navigate the preview files. Thanks!:+1:

The preview file you upload gets renamed automatically. It didn’t matter then and doesn’t matter now what file name you use when uploading the preview for your item.

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