Search by audio for preview file? - Help! :(

Unfortunately i used a preview file i had titled “Beautiful Corporate Technology” and cant seem to find the purchase link with a lot of searching and trial :sob: the client already approved this so getting very frustrated and panicing.

Is there a way someone could help or i could search by audio? :frowning:

Uploaded the preview in this link

Thank you so very much

I’m looking into this, but it will take a while. It will speed things up if you let me know what category it’s from. I’m guessing cinematic or corporate. :slight_smile:

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sadly, not sure. all I can find on the file is details of the time and genre as “blues”.

Also found that I’ve downloaded the file in April 2015 if that helps :frowning:

I’m guessing Technology Corporate as categories due to the title and also having another file named “Hi-Tech Dreams” on the same download date

Regrettably, I could not find the track. It may have been deleted or updated since you downloaded it, so unless someone can recognize it, we’re out of luck for now.

I’m working on a community project to index and fingerprint all AudioJungle items. When it’s done I’ll definitely try to identify this track again. It’ll be a few weeks though.


Thank you very much for trying and the help. I sure hope someone does :frowning: and that project sounds great! It’s really unfortunate that a project such as soundizer has disappeared, hope an option such as that can exist within envato soon

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