AudioJungle preview files are distorted

I’m looking for an audio file for corporate training videos and I’m rather frustrated by the lack of quality sounding files. Most of the preview files are over driven (distorted) and I don’t care how good your track is, if it doesn’t sound usable I’m not going to pay for it. I’m not sure if its just the preview file or if the master is overdriven. -12 to -6 please. I can always boost it on my end.

Hello @drphil02 ! Have you already found what you were looking for? If not, I can offer you a couple of tracks, although I’m afraid that they may not fit your stringent requirements, but try to check these tracks.

  1. -6.4
  2. -6.8
    Good search and good luck! :blush:

I noticed this today. Is Audiojungle doing this on purpose or is this how they will actually sound when they are downloaded?