The preview of my first upload sounds distorted online. Please help!

The preview of my first uploaded song, Uplifting Energetic Acoustics, sounds distorted. It is as if an extra (shitty) reverb is added to the song. When I listen to the original preview file on my computer it sounds normal, but when I listen to the preview on Audiojungle it has this problem. I have uploaded the file in the same formatting as the sales files (320 kbps, CBR, 44.1 kHz). Does the file perhaps needs to be in a lower quality (smaller file size)?
Thanks in advance for your advice!

This is the file:

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Sounds OK to me. Are you listening to the online preview on AJ on a different computer than your workstation?
Some integrated/built in sound cards/devices act strange when their driver becomes unstable. Back a lot of years ago I used to have an SBLive soundcard which started adding reverb to it’s output when I ran GTA Vice City. The work-around to fix that was disabling and enabling the device in Windows. Then after a while it started again. Never found out the reason…
If you are listening to the preview on AJ on a different machine then your workstation, try listening to other tracks and see if they get reverb too. If so, try “turning it off and on again”.

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Hello SixideBeats,
Thanks for your reply! Good tips! However, I’m playing the preview from the same computer (workstation) :frowning: . Also when I listen preview files from other users I don’t hear the distortion or extra reverb. I still have to check the preview on another pc or mobile device to see how it sounds there (since you say it does not sound strange on your device). Are you sure the size (320 kbps) of the preview track is not an issue?

Sounds fine to me.

Sounds fine, maybe try using a different browser and see if it sound different.

I’m quite sure that the 320 kbps mp3 shouldn’t add extra shitty reverb. :slight_smile:
Checking with another browser is a pretty good idea. Updating the flashplayer plugin also won’t hurt.