Audiojungle now and in the past



In 2014 I was part of audiojungle. I doesn´t have a lot of tracks in pordfólio, however it was much easier to sell it. I wasn´t do any promotion, to be honest, I did nothing at all. I ended becouse of time.
I start anew after years, but things are changed. I thing, it is much harder to sell trackt, promote yourself, it´s harder to get your tracks approved. This is not complaint, I´m just interested in, I would like to know your opinion. It is possible to start this days? Isn´t it too late? Do you have some tip to do?


I like to have a tip too. Any tips.

I have been trying to get approval for 4 years, 7 months, 8 days since the last full music track I got approved. My best file so far is slot machine sound effects but I am far from making enough to make living out of, which my wife likes to make fun of. I must admit that I make a lot of crappy music. Thank god, I work on Wordpress themes.

I agree with your opinion that getting approval is more difficult, which I think is not totally a bad thing. That way AJ can maintain the higher standard. Since I feel that some files are impossible to be approved here anyway, I started uploading to other sites, like this personal favorite tune of mine. So I regard that getting approved by Envato / AJ nowadays is something prestigious.

Here are my findings from recent analysis. I hope they are useful.

AJ analysis:

  • Corporate/Motivational category seems to remain lucrative. see:
  • 40% of tracks on the top chart last week (there were 54) were more than 1 and a half year old. About a quarter that could get into the chart were released this year .

Google Search engine analysis:

  • A lot of people look for free stuff including pirated files on the internet.
  • Strong demand for royalty free background music to be used in youtube videos.
  • By purposes, people seem to look for: podcast, radio, vlog, gopro, kickstarter, video game, zumba music, documentary, imovie / final cut pro, wedding, corporate video, travel video, video editing, intro / outro, trailer.
  • Potentially many iMovie users are looking for royalty free audio (though I do not understand because iMovie has a good collection of free music).
  • A lot of searches for 1950s style music.
  • People do seem to search for stock audio sites by name. But they seem to search by the keyword, envato, not AudioJungle. Isn’t AudioJungle popular?
  • Of course, remember ukelele.


I lost my job last year, so now i have (almost) nothing better to do.


Sorry to hear that. Keep it up buddy!


Thanks very much for you answer and for your opinion! It is very good to know what audiojungle customer prefer! Thanks a lot for analysis and sharing you opinion! I hope you will be very successful! I like people who don´t give up ! So keep on, you will get it!
My track was approved very soon after I created account, but it is hard to know what they are looking for. Maybe the only way is working hard, trying, be patient and try to promote yourself in good way :slight_smile:
Wish you much much luck ! :slight_smile:


I´m sorry to hear that! But if the money from audiojungle can replace you job it is good. I´m have full time job, but I love to work for audiojungle full time!
Wish you only the best bro ! Keep on ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Can i ask you a question? How it is with logo? What is modern? Is it prefered among customers or it is losing time for me? What you your opinion?


Thank you very much for your wishes!

I checked up every one of your tracks listed there. They are of high quality. I am sure that you will have a lot of fans soon!

FYI, They also made a change recently to the terms to make it easier for videohive authors to use watermarked aj items. Videos are intensively used for SNS like, youtube, facebook, twitter, Instagram, IGTV etc. It sounds logical for Envato to make that move right now.


Can i ask you a question? How it is with logo? What is modern? Is it prefered among customers or it is losing time for me? What you your opinion?

You mean branding? It seems that elites do care about branding. Of 9 authors in the current top 10 as of 10 June 2018, 6 authors have changed their user name over the past years. Envato newsletter was recently encouraging us to do some efforts on branding. It seems that it pays off to do branding.

If you are curious about trendy logos, please have a look at this website which shows you what is hot right now and even the past several years.

I have wanted to change mine which was inspired by a local shrine, but my wife told me that it is too late because it has already been an integral part of my identity. Sniff.


And my picture is, playing guitar, my feet with pedal effects…
Shoegaze rules! :joy:


Branding design is important. It has to be catchy. I have to think about how I’m presentate myself. It is good point ! Thanks for you opinion :slight_smile:


Hehe…but… If can by catchy some “colorful animals” why not playing guitar? :smiley: Here you can be whatever you want :slight_smile: …and this is what I like !


Now I see the relations between your music and your branding strategy. Very smart and cool!


I think is possible to start even 2 years late in 2020 xD Never is too late. But it is true that now is more complicated to sell new items. You need just to learn and work more, and try to make the quality music. Thats all. Good luck!


Thanks for your words ! I will work hard :slight_smile:
I wish you much much luck ! And many sells :slight_smile:


Great research…Very informative!

Some of the results however, such as the above, are a bit worrisome…


Great research…Very informative!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Some of the results however, such as the above, are a bit worrisome…

There may be something I have been missing out since it is only recent that I started analyzing the market. And analysis of top 50 might not be enough to grasp the entire picture of AJ.

What I like about AudioJungle is a presence of good community and diversity. I do not know if there are any other places like AJ.


Thanks for the tip


I noticed that I got Like on one of my messages I posted, which I wanted to add something to it.

Here is what we see today:

Audiojungle has grown so much since its launch but it started showing a decline after hitting a peak in November 2017.

I see a similar trend in ThemeForest:,ThemeForest

Its peak has ended in Feb. 2015 and showing a constant decline since.

Meanwhile Envato Elements is rising rapidly:

Please be reminded the superficial statements above can be far from a proper investigation. However it appears that hunting ground is shifting from one place to another right now.