Audiojungle Artist is constantly flagging my video!!! 3 times in one month

I’ve been using Audiojungle for 10 years and have never had a user that is SO ANNOYING AS AudioQuattro who has submitted my videos to YouTube copyright claims 3 times in the last 30 days.

I’ve already showed YouTube that I have the rights and EACH TIME YouTube decides in my favor but AudioQuattro KEEP Flagging the video. I won’t use the Envato products if this is the kind of harassment I can expect from your artists.

It’s probably an automated thing…speak to the author, see if they can help.

The author is not flagging your videos, and certainly not harassing you. Their music, as most music on AJ, is protected by ContentID.

ContentID identifies copyrighted content and automatically generate a copyright claim. The license you buy at Audiojungle, is the key that allows you to lift the claim. You can find more info there:

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I’ve had content get flagged before and it goes away after filing a counter claim but this audio is happening over and over again even after I’ve successfully claimed my rights to use it.

You mean that you successfully lift the copyright claim on a video but then the same video gets claimed once again? This is odd indeed.

Who is the claimant? If it is Adrev, then you can use this form to clear their claim. This is a much faster process than going through Youtube’s counter-claim process.

If after having done that you still encounter copyright issues, then you should contact the author for assistance.