Why we YouTubers don't buy from AJ anymore...

We’re professional YouTubers and we’ve been going for a number of years now. Today, I again had to trawl through repeated copyright claims on our legacy video content from audio jungle authors here and again I had to try and find the piece of music, find the license and hit the dispute button.

I’ve come here because I’m so sick and tired of doing this. We actually switched to [removed by mod] early last year because the administration of these claims became too much. So if you are wondering why sales are down, or you don’t get many purchases from professional YouTubers - now you do. You wouldn’t believe how much of a pain in the **** these claims are.


You got the thieves to thank for that.

It’d sure be better if we didn’t have to resort to ContentID, but unfortunately we do.

Quick tip though, instead of hitting the Youtube’s dispute button, you should go directly to AdRev’s contact page, it’s much faster this way.

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I shouldn’t have to do it at all. We’ve paid for the license, I shouldn’t have to go through years (yes, years) of going back over old legacy content filing disputes. My time is worth more than that. Some others can’t even be bothered to settle the dispute straight away, they let it go full term before YouTube defaults the rights of our own content back to us.

We invested hundreds of dollars buying licenses to some music we haven’t even used (although expected to use at some point, it was a right fit for our content). But we just can’t use it, I’ll never go back to the old system. It wouldn’t even be so bad if the claims you make were within the first few weeks of our content being released. But even today, videos we put up five years ago are still being claimed for now! It’s just ridiculous.

I’m just thankful we’ve been able to join a sensible program where none of our content over the last two years has had to be disputed. But this is the only reason why we stopped buying here and I thought you guys deserved to know.


Hey man, I feel you, and thanks for the heads up, but you must feel the composers too, many scams upload the tracks to AdRev without our knowledge, this has happened to many of us. It s**** for youtubers for sure. We are living in a evolution of digital files era, and we are facing all these. Hope a good solution comes in future. What can I say

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You already told us we were bad people for protecting our assets (which you said didn’t deserve protection) four years ago, @Koster. ContentID is now the industry standard, period.

By the way if you’re getting claims now for videos you put up years ago, this is precisely because the music wasn’t protected then. You are still exposing yourself to similar issues by getting unregistered music. Because it most likely eventually will.

Good luck for your future endeavors!

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This is more of a YouTube issue than an AudioJungle one. Basically, anyone can claim copyright of anything, which has a disruptive effect on video monetisation. Unfortunately there is a lot of shady people placing numerous fake claims on YouTube videos. That would be true for any video, regardless of where the content is sourced.

In an ideal world, licences would be uploaded (and validated) to YouTube prior to publishing. We’re not there yet, though. As it stands, it’s a bit of a mess, really.


Indeed, this is the problem of Youtube, you need to clarify with them why everything is so bad there. I can only guess that there is a huge number of violations of both audio content and video on Youtube. In my opinion, AudioJungle has nothing to do with this. If you buy an audio track on another trading platform, you can also receive a notice about copyright infringement.


You just need to buy music that is not registered in the content ID. There is a lot of music here. I do not register my tracks in the content ID. And I know more authors who do not register.

By publicly advertising your music as being not registered, you are exposing yourself to fake claiming. Which is why a buyer cannot be guaranteed a music track will never be registered.


Thank you for sharing your thought and feelings. That’s why all my content not registered in Adrev, because if i will begin this process, it will affect older purchases, causing problems for buyers. Good news - you can clearly see if author registered in Adrev or not before purchase, so you can easily decided do you need to buy this track or not. Bad news (from author perspective) - there is a lot of stolen content and a lot of videos on Youtube, where preview watermarked files used. So those who registered their content in Adrev just trying to protect his (her) income and copyright, nothing more.


Confirming what others have said - this is a YouTube problem, not an AudioJungle problem. My tracks are not registered with Adrev or any other ContentID provider. I upload all my tracks to my own YouTube channel and every once and a while I get a person who files a claim against me - the composer. It’s aggravating and somewhat violating to have someone claim your own music against you. I’ve been able to resolve all of the cases, but the point remains the same - bad people are gonna steal stuff and claim it as their own. People who don’t register their music (like me) run the risk of having someone steal it and then make claims against their own customers.

In the case of a YouTuber, requesting whitelist status for a particular track can simply be be part of the workflow before publishing a video. Sure it’s an extra step, but it will avoid problems in the future.

Also, I still get plenty of sales from YouTubers and I haven’t noticed a mass-migration away from the AudioJungle platform. Also, it’s against the community guidelines to name-drop competitors.

I have bought several music in AJ and in all of them I had to present a dispute in front of Youtube, it is not pleasant at all. Now I understand that I should look for music elsewhere. Another thing is that I do not see way to comunicace with AJ.

As it has been said many times in this thread, this is not an Audiojungle issue. Soon all music will be registered with ContentID. So going elsewhere to get your music will not help you with that.

The best way to deal with claims is not to open a dispute with Youtube, as this is a rather slow process. Instead, as is instructed by most authors, you want to use AdRev’s contact page (or the equivalent for third-parties other than AdRev). This way, claims are resolved within a few hours.

You can contact authors, via the message box on their profile page. Or you can contact Envato’s support by opening a ticket at the help center.

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Hello! PurpleFogSound

Thanks for your answer. At this moment I have more than 72 hours that I send the information using the link AdRev’s contact page - and nobody has answered me, I also wrote to the owner of the music (ncmusic) and I have not had an answer either.
I bought the music and the idea was to monetize on YouTube, but the music was claimed by another company. Then I will do it with youtube I must start the dispute.

I see here in AJ there is no help for the cleintes.

Thanks again

Hi, Jack!! Same problem here. Some people registered my music and stuff. But I still not been able to resolve it. I’ve researched a lot about it and nothing. What do you do to solve it?