Audio Jungle Watermarks- Please Help!

Dear Fellow Producers,

I’ve only been writing songs for three months, since I’ve downloaded FL Studios 10 demo version.Since then I’ve wrote songs I think I can sell here, but as some of you may know the demo does not save songs that can be later edited. I just wanted to sell songs until I can afford a full version, and practice writing in the meantime.I’ve tried to mix the audiojungle watermark file with Audacity but the watermark only plays as a white noise. I can find no helpful info on the web. Can anyone please help?

How did you import the watermarks? They work fine when I use them.

This Sounds like a bit resolution or codec Problem.
I just converted the original watermark in different formats.
You can get it here:

Does one of them work?

Does it need to be converted when you import it perhaps?

Hello all and thank you so much for your prompt messages and advice.@ MattSteiner I did download the files you sent me (thank you for taking the time to do that ) but none of them worked. I am sure it’s just because I have little idea how to use Audacity :(. and @ Jen and Blinn it makes me import it as raw data.I convert my songs to wav so it will play with the .wav watermark., but still nothing.

It seems that you have several problems with codecs, settings and also with getting the right tools.

I know how is to be on tight budget, so, here’s my input:

If you are familiar with FL Studio but not able to buy it yet, then when you export songs, export tracks separately (there is this option) so later you can import the wav files in a program and edit them.

Get familiar with some programs that are free or offer an unexpiring unlimited demo. There are quite a few, Podium Free, Reaper, MuLab. Get your hands on Audacity and learn how to use it, you’ll always need a sound editing program and this one is good and free. FL Studio can import mp3, so, convert the watermark as mp3, or eventually mix the watermark in another program (Audacity?).

Great idea Miahi!
I didn’t think about that before, because i’m not so familiar with free software, but there is a samplitude free available too, it’s a great DAW:

This will be able to work withh Midi & Audio and of course import any version of watermarks :-). And you are able to mix and save in there too!