Audio Watermark

The page says:

“The watermark can be downloaded as a WAV file and consists of a womans voice saying ‘Audio Jungle’.”

That’s not right. The voice says “FlashDen”.

And also, this watermark made as mono file and can easily be removed, using some filters (for example central channel remover)

this watermark made as mono file

That’s not true. It’s stereo with different sound on left and right channel.

Yup… the watermark still says “FD” but it should be changed to “AJ” very soon… :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks!

I don’t understand. I’m a buyer. I thought the “Flash Den” voice would not be present in the files I purchased and downloaded. But it is! That’s horrible.

Is that norm. I have looked on the site for some explanation-- (for buyers), but found none.

FrannieAnn: There should definitely NOT be a watermark on the purchased file. I’ll contact you off-site to find out which file it was and help you sort this problem out.

Thanks, Joel, for the quick reply. Just sent you the info.
Also messaged the author from his page, here, and let him know.
Thank goodness. :slight_smile:

Update: received the file from the author this morning, without the watermark track. Thanks to the author for a quick return, and to Joel for putting my fears to rest in the meantime. :slight_smile: