Audio Jungle auto Rejection

not sure what or who has changed in the review department, but I just got a rejection on a piece that is every bit as good and better than anything I’ve had accepted in the past, and definitely worthy of the general category that it was submitted to. I have to wonder if my submissions are being blanketly rejected.


Ok, thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

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Yes thank u very much for your update we much appreciate

Hi @BlakeproductionsPubl

I feel it too!! I’m sure there’s a change in review process… I don’t know exactly what is happening there, but all my latest tracks got rejected…

Even though I always make sure that my newest track is better than the last, this still happens.

I suspect there are too many authors in AJ and the music are overflowing… so maybe they want to raise the quality and decrease the quantity of approved tracks.

Has anyone experience the same?

Have removed my post, based on the original post being edited.

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Gonna have to call the fire department for that burn. :slight_smile: