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Hi there, I’d like to purchase songs for commercial use for Vimeo/YouTube - will be uploaded to client Website and Facebook (70,000 odd likers). My question is which license do I need? Also, is there a time limit for the license? Can the song be used across different videos? Thanks

You have to buy the extended license. The regular license is not suitable for you.


For most web uses, including Youtube, Facebook and regular websites, the Music Standard license is the one you want, regardless of the number of views, likers and visitors.

There is no time limit for the license.

One license allows you to use the music in one end product. So, to be able to use a piece of music across several videos you’d have to get more than one license. Unless the videos are closely related in which case, you can use the series policy and use the music in several episodes of a same series (up to 52 episodes/a year)

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The Extended License does not exist for music.

What makes you say that? Of course, it is “suitable”.

It’s good that you are eager to help, but please do not spread misinformation. Licenses are already a complicated matter as it is, there is no need for further confusion.


What did you mean by this? Of course, multiple licenses, am I right? I said the same thing to him.

No, you said :

@PurpleFogSound is right. One Standard License per one track.

Maybe @mixturethemes you are talking about sfx license instead of music license?

I knocked at support, they told me the same thing as I said.

Oh really? Support told you that the regular license was not suitable for @AlisonHoelzer needs and that they should get the “Extended” license? Yeah right! What non-sense!

Hi, @mixturethemes ! Your information is misleading in AudiJungle. Here are 5 types of licenses. Maybe you are right if you talk about Themeforest, but here are more license types than standard/extended.

Check out this article about music licenses:

Lilla from Team HoneyLoud

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You are right @HoneyLoud. I talked with them about Themeforest licenses. I was talking about ThemeForest, not AJ. It’s different for AJ.

Behave yourself. I contacted support and talk with them about ThemeForest licenses. It’s different for AJ.