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Hi fellas,
I have a food blog and every now and then I post my own recipe videos on social media and while youtube has its own media library, this cannot be said about any other platforms out there. Now I already did a bit of reading throughout the forum but I want to make sure I don’t step on any toes or waste my money on audio files that I might end up not being able to use. From what I gathered so far:

  1. one audio file can only be used as a soundtrack for one video at one time unless you do episodes thing but that is not my case
  2. it doesn’t matter on how many social platforms you post your video on nor if it is cropped differently as long as the content remains the same
  3. as far as i can tell there is no way i can avoid being blocked by facebook since the audio files don’t have any embedded copyright thing. that is only a guess though in which case I was wondering how can you avoid that?
  4. it doesn’t matter how many times the video is viewed or shared on media platforms, you can fit that in a standard license, unless you send it by email or provide a download link in which case it is a total of 10k?

I like to think this is it and I appreciate any comment on these

Hello @jorec12. Yes you are right, normally the standard license covers social media purposes, except bigger companys with a corresponding range of followers.
Also good to know, you can always update a license if needed by contacting the envato support. Do you won’t have to buy a full new bigger license for the same vid… But how I said, the standard license covers social media use.
D :slight_smile:

No enhanced licenses required… they can be the biggest company in the world, with a billion followers… and a regular is still fine for social media usage.

Well I guess that answers some of my questions but how is Facebook looking at these audio files? i don’t want to keep asking them to unblock my account if that happens.


You are correct on point 1, 2 and 4 (though the 10k download limit usually applies to video games, in theory it can also apply to videos).

As for point 3 regarding Facebook, as of now, the music you can find on Audiojungle is not part of the Facebook Copyright Management system. So the music should not generate copyright claims/blocking. This probably will change in the future, but as of now, this is not an issue.

I already bought some stuff and now I have one other question. The audio pack seems to have 3 audio files inside. Can all be used under the same license or you can only use one out of three, whatever you like best? I have a feeling you can use each of them individually as part of the same license but I want to make sure.



The license is meant for one end product. So if you plan on using the three audio files within the same end product, then that’s fine. You cannot, however, use them in three different (and unrelated) videos.

Hope it helps!

OK I understand! I just wasted money on an audio pack thinking that I might save some by being able to use the three audio files on three different end products. Oh well! Thanks all for all the help though!

Hey there,

I’m sorry, but it seems I misled you.

I thought you were talking about a music item (those can have several files, corresponding to different edits).

But if you are talking about a music pack, you can indeed use the three audio files on three different end products. License-wise, it would be exactly the same as if you had bought the items separately.

So sorry for the confusion!

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Awesome thanks