Is there any license to buy music for multiple or unlimited movie clips for facebook or YouTube?

Hi, I read that the Music Standard license allows 1 end products and can be used for Youtube movie clips. I’m assuming this also allows Facebook movie clips. If I’m going to produce multiple or keep using the song for producing more clips, what should be the license I should buy, or I need to buy a Music Standard license for each clip? Thanks a lot.

You need to buy a Music license

All music licenses are single use. And if you’re just using your clips online and nobody has to pay to watch them… then a regular license is fine. The exception to the single use rule, is that you can use the track up to 52 times over a year if the clips are all part of the same series.

So if you have a series of dog grooming videos and release one video every week for a year… one regular license is fine. Make 53 videos in a year and you need two regular licenses. If you have a series on dog grooming and one on gardening, you’ll need two licenses, even if you only do ten videos of each, for example.

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Thanks a lot for your explanation! :+1:t3:

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No hassle! Remember that you need license for every act.

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