Music Licenses Question


i got a little question about the Music Licenses part…

if want to use a music pack for a bunch of product videos do i need to rebuy the music pack every time i make a new video ? ( would be pretty dumb in my option )

Nope, you can use each item in the pack to create a different end product.


ok… .but for example … i have 6 videos …
and then i need to buy 1 pack / 2 packs to get all music for the videos

but if i make a 7th i need to buy a new song ?

but what if i want the same song for all 6 videos do i need to buy it 6 times ?..

Basically when you buy a pack it’s like you’ve bought all tracks included in the pack. So you can use each track once.

There is one exception in the case of a series. You can use a single license for several episodes of a series. Up to 52 episodes/a year (whichever comes first).

so their is no option to buy a pack and use it for as much videos i want to…
if they are different videos ( like for different products )

I’m afraid not. It is possible for SFX but not for music.

Hmm… i dont think thats a good soultion because then i need to buy music from a other site… because in the long run i will be much cheaper :confused:

I doubt there are many platform that offer unlimited usage licenses, as it would be unsustainable for authors. Music has a cost.

Yeah but if i buy a stock image i can reuse it as much i want … . dont understand whats so special about it then it comes to music…

And i found a other site that has this as info about the licenses

Standard License

The Standard License covers many popular types of use, such as Internet videos, corporate videos, and all non-commercially distributed projects, including up to 1,000 units of a project intended to generate revenue to you.

This license can be used for an unlimited number of projects, worldwide in perpetuity. The Standard License is also included when you purchase a Premium License.

Oh, right. Well, maybe this would suit you more indeed. All I know is that as an author, I would avoid such a licensing model. But maybe some are okay with that.